Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Friday Thoughts

Today because it is SOOOoooo nice outside and I may have spent the afternoon outside instead of at the computer like I needed to.  I might be having issues narrowing down a blog topic to write about.  So I decided that since it has been awhile since I posted some random thoughts and I am sure you want to know all the crazy that rolls around my head so here it goes....
A Glimpse of Normal Blog
Totally random picture of blown glass from a museum trip a few years ago to go with my completely random post.

  • Today is the first really, really nice day we had in awhile.  It was beautiful, sunny, and warm...70 degrees was 35 degrees last Friday.  I have stated over and over again this year that our weather is crazy this year.
  • Speaking of weather March rolled in with tornadoes a couple of towns over.  The 2nd week we had a MAJOR wind storm.  This past week apparently there was an earthquake in the early morning hours.  Everyone here except hubby slept through the earthquake because it was thunder storming at the same time and we thought the rumbling was due to the storm.
  • Our barn is coming along.  We haven't made major progress on anything this week because we took a couple of nights off to just relax.  We do have a couple of projects we will start this weekend though.
  • I am currently working on 3 different crochet projects and plan to start a 4th one tonight.  One of the 3 projects just needs the ends tucked in and a button put on it.  If only I knew what box my buttons were in right now....  Back to multiple projects, the 4th one I just found on Pinterest this week and it is TOO cute not to try and it would be for Easter if it works out.  
  • Yes I have crafting attention disorder.  See the random thoughts above and below this one.
  • Good news I only have 1 cross stitch started even though I have the next 3 cross stitches I want to do picked out.  I haven't started on them.  
  • Decorating a dream house is really hard.  I have bought a few different lights for the house and end up taking them back before I put them up because I have changed my mind once I get home and think about it.  It is hard to balance picking out exactly what you want to decorate with and not killing the budget.  So sometimes the things I bring home sit until I decide if I really want to use them or not.
  • Speaking of decorating....have you seen the price of toilet paper holders lately?  $20 just to hold toilet paper, really?  REALLY?  
  • I'm getting really good at mudding walls and holes.  I like to think of it as wall frosting.  It seems to make it more fun.  😭
  • Speaking of frosting and mudding walls.  I am thinking a new large mudding knife would make the perfect frosting spreader.  It would also be easier to get the frosting smooth on a tall cake.  
That is pretty much it.  Completely random stuff rolling around my brain today.  This is definitely nut a post of substance, but it is pretty therapeutic to me to get the randomness out of my brain.  I am coming up with some posts of substance to get up here on the blog soon.  Stay tuned for more meaningful posts too.  


  1. It seems as though you were just remodeling your kitchen at your old house and now you really have your plate full. And yes! I have seen the crazy prices for t.p. holders. Even the price of t.p. is getting ridiculous. At my house we've been painting fanatics. At our house there's so much oak I called the 1970's and told it to take it all back.

    1. Yes we did just finish remodeling the kitchen at the old house. Then I found our new house and God opened all the doors for us to move and start the remodeling process again. It has been a crazy adventure, but so good too!


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