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5 Days of Knowing You Need Change in Your Homeschool: Day 5

Changes in our homeschool can seem like such a big deal, but they don't have to be when you know what to look for regarding changes in your school.  This week I am sharing our personal story of the changes we have made in our homeschool over the past year or so to make it much more successful.  I hope sharing our story helps you as we walk through piece by piece knowing when and what to change in your school.   

Monday I shared about knowing when things need to change in your homeschool and some signs that I saw that led me to change things in our school.  You can read that post here.  Tuesday I shared about deciding what to change in your homeschool and you can read about that here.  Wednesday I shared about planning the changes in your homeschool and you can read about that here.  Yesterday I shared about how to implement the changes and you can read it here.  Today I am going to end this series with:
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The last step of changing anything should always be evaluation.  There is a lot to think about when you make changes to anything.  Is it working?  Is it working like I thought it would?  Do I need to make other changes?  Is our school getting better?  You get the idea.  We have to reflect back on the changes we made otherwise you could end up in the same situation you were in when you realized you needed change to begin with.  Stop the vicious cycle by evaluating the changes you have made.

I wish I could tell you that I started the habit of evaluating our school years ago.  If I had maybe it would have saved us from having a rough year.  The truth is that in the past I didn't evaluate our school enough and we did have a rough and rocky year one year, but I learned from it.   So now I personally have started evaluating how our school is going every 6-8 weeks.  This gives me a chance to make small adjustments along the way before I have to make huge changes.  It has really helped me so that I don't feel like our school is spinning out of control anymore and I catch things before they become a big issue.  I don't have a formula or formal system of evaluation, I really just ask myself the following questions:
  • How is school going for each child?
  • Is there a subject that either child is struggling in?
  • If they are struggling, it is because it is a hard concept or is it because of the materials we are using?
  • Is there anything I can change that would make our school run smoother?
  • Am I giving out too much work?
  • If I need to make changes, do they need to be temporary or long term?  (Temporary changes would be adjusting school load due to sickness or field trips.)
I really just try to step back and look at our school from the outside.  I want it to be a nice balance between learning while being challenged and learning while having fun.  Homeschooling gives us the unique opportunity to customize our school to what works for our children and what works for us.  Don't be afraid to make the changes that truly make your school work for your family.  

I hope that I have been an encouragement to you this week.  I hope that if you feel stuck in your homeschool, you will use my topic of change this week to break out of being stuck.  Take it one step at a time and start small.  You can do it!  You aren't in this alone and I don't want you to feel like you are.  I would love to encourage you in your journey so feel free to contact me by email, leave me a comment, or reach out to me on one of my social media pages.  

This week I am participating in an Annual Blog Hop with my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew.  It is our goal this week to fill you with encouragement and we are all chatting about homeschooling.  We each got to pick our own topic so I can't tell you how excited I am to read what everyone is blogging about this week.  Click the link below the button to Hop on over to the next blog and read more encouragement.
5 Days of Homeschool Annual Blog Hop - 2017

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