Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Random Things

This week has been completely random for us so far.  So I decided to make a post about 25 random things running through my head today.  Warning:  This list has no order, no specific topics, and probably no meaning to most people, but sometimes I am just random.  Here is my random list...

  1. I've been working on taxes.  They are never fun to complete, but completely necessary and I will be relieved when they are done.
  2. I own a lot of spices.  I moved and rearranged my spice cabinet yesterday and realized I have a lot of spices, but I really do use them all.  I love flavoring my food and playing with different spice combinations.
  3. The kids and I are working on some top secret projects right now.  I'd tell you more but then they wouldn't be top secret.
  4. I am hoping to make some tutorials out of our top secret projects.
  5. Our February calendar is filling up fast.
  6. Go GIANTS!!!!  This house is totally rooting for the Giants this Sunday in the Super Bowl.
  7. February is the month I will get back on track with the FlyLady system.  The system works for me and makes everything easier when I am on track and organized.
  8. One of my goals for 2012 is to learn a new Bible verse each week.  So far I have the first 3 of them down solid and am still working on the past 3 weeks, but it is okay.
  9. I wish that I would quit putting things right where I will remember them because so far using this method, I have lost a lot of things.  The current missing item - my I Pod charging cord.
  10. I have been taking a picture at least once a day of something from our day to make a Project 365.
  11. Our family is working on learning to speak Spanish.
  12. My husband went on a mission trip to Ecuador in January and he is still processing it and learning from it.
  13. I should plan out my menus for farther than a week, but I really struggle to menu plan for just a week which is ironic for a woman who loves to cook.  Go figure.  I am working on this as a goal too.
  14. I need to get exercising more and regularly.  It would help in my goal of losing 40 lbs.
  15. I still love watching the Biggest Loser even after all of the seasons of it, I still love this show and love the inspiring stories of it.
  16. I would really rather be scrap booking right now than getting ready to do housework.
  17. My dining room table is cover in stuff, but I can't tell you what kind of stuff or that would ruin random thing #3 of this list.
  18. I learned this weekend how easy it is to make a movie with Windows Live Movie Maker and now there are a bunch of movies I would like make from our bazillion pictures we have.
  19. We are having leftovers for dinner tonight which should make getting out the door to church on time much easier.  
  20. I am looking forward to a weekend of hanging out with friends.
  21. My son chose church activities over other important activities this month and it makes me happy to see that he is choosing God first.
  22. I feel surrounded by clutter at the moment.  I know it is temporary because we have a lot of things we are working on, but the clutter makes me a little crazy.
  23. I am dreading mopping the floor.  I dread it because almost every time I mop the floor, someone in this family walks into the house with muddy shoes and walks on my clean floor.  Plus it has rained here this week which melted the snow which turned it to mud which almost guarantees muddy buddies on my floor.
  24. Baby Bear puts her shoes on the wrong feet almost every time she puts them on even though we have repeatedly showed her which feet they go on.  She says they are comfortable on the wrong feet.  We tell her to switch them and she does switch her shoes to the right feet.  Later she will go and switch them back to the wrong feet.  Maybe I am missing out by wearing my shoes on the right feet?
  25. I need to go and start a load of laundry...totally random I know, but that is what I am going to do right now.

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