Monday, February 6, 2012

My Revolution

Have you been watching that new show The Revolution on ABC?  Every week they tell the story of someone who wants to lose weight and get their life back.  Each week is 5 months of one person's life.  I am so amazed that people can drop the amounts of weight they do in just 5 months.  I am a complete sucker for weight loss shows and transformation shows.  I am inspired by the people on them and I love to watching them change their lives.  The Revolution also talks about many other things in each episode as well and I am completely hooked on watching it.

As I have previously posted, I am trying to lose weight this year.  Baby Bear is 3 and I don't think I can legally claim baby weight anymore.  I don't feel healthy, I don't feel good about my weight, and I know that I can change and I can lose the weight I just have to get serious and get started.  Each Monday on The Revolution, as they introduce their person for the week, they have the person make a "Me List."  The "Me List" is a list of 3 things that the person wants to accomplish, get back to, or try depending on each person.  So ever since I have been watching the show, I have been trying to come up with my "Me List."  I want my list to be something that inspires me, encourages me, motivates me, and helps me change.  I want my list to include things that I can make permanent so every time I do the things on my list they will remind that I did change, I did make a revolution, and I finished what I started.  So here is my list of just 3 things that I want to change during my revolution of losing 40 pounds*.

Me List
1.  Make intentional decisions about food - no more mindless munching.
2.  Embrace my inner girly girl - I grew up a little bit of a "tom boy," but I would really like to ditch that image and just enjoy being a woman.  I love doing my nails, getting my hair done, dressing up, shoe shopping, and purses.  I just really want to embrace that and feel free to wear more skirts, take more time getting ready, and just pampering myself a little more.
3.  Become a runner - This one will be a slow gradual thing.  My entire life I have let my asthma hold me back and stop me from pushing myself.  I don't want to use it as an excuse anymore.  I am not saying I will be out running marathons in a month, I intend to build up to running regularly for exercise and maybe even attempting a 5k or two...EVENTUALLY.  This one will be a process and a long term goal for me.

*I am choosing to lose 40 pounds on my own, it was my decision and no one else.  When I lose the 40 pounds I will be at a healthy weight for my height, have a healthy B.M.I., and have less issues with my asthma.  In the process of losing weight I intend to make healthier decisions regarding food, help my immediate family make better decisions about food, and help my family have fun doing activities that encourage fitness.  I know that weight loss is a hot topic for many people and every one has an opinion on it.  I would appreciate any encouragement you would like post, but I would prefer that negative comments not be posted.  This post is not intended to create any disputes, arguments, or judgments, it is just a post about my intentions for my personal weight loss.   


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