Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Schedule

Sometimes every day feels like Groundhogs Day to me.  It feels like I do the same things over and over and never get any farther on my to-do list.  I feel like I try and keep my days consistent, but I sometimes let little interruptions turn into big interruptions and while Buddy Bear continues working on school, I get totally sidetracked from my to-do list.  What I originally intended to get done, gets blown out the window and before I know it my day is gone and I am left feeling like I accomplished nothing.  I have been talking about this with my loving hubby, J, for quiet sometime now.  We were on a great schedule before we went on vacation last fall, but since then I have really, really struggled to get back on a schedule.  I guess my real problem is that I have never really been good at scheduling, sticking to a strict schedule, or even though I like to proclaim my flexibility, in reality it throws me off track.  I also struggle to be know the I can do it all, all by myself syndrome.  God is teaching me that I am not SuperGirl, but I still find myself trying to be and then being frustrated because I can't be, but being grateful because I don't have to be SuperGirl.  So anyway, I have been complaining to J about how I just feel so disorganized and surrounded by chaos and that I just never get anything done or at least I feel like I never get anything done.  He very loving said you really need to get back on a schedule.  If you are on a schedule it will be easier to keep the kids on a schedule and you will not feel like you are scrambling every day.  Have I ever mentioned that my hubby tends to see the really big picture while I just get way too focused on a couple of little things?  Yep, that is me - I am a work in progress and God Bless my hubby for loving me anyway and putting up with me.  :)  Anyway, J was kind enough last night to say what do you do in a typical day and while I totally threw myself under the bus, proclaimed my lack of direction and my laziness, he looked at me and said stop beating yourself up and tell me what you do.  So I started listing stuff and he started writing and before I knew it, he had sat there and came up with a detailed schedule that I can easily follow.  At first I was feeling pretty grouchy about him coming up with a schedule for me, but as I thought about what he was doing I knew he was doing it out of love and so that I wouldn't be frustrated at my lack of productivity each day.  I knew he was doing it to help me get back on track and that he could see the bigger picture while I could only see a pixel of the picture.  Then my feelings turned to gratefulness because I know that J is looking out for my best and helping me because he loves me.  So today as I try out my new schedule I am filled with excitement, love, and I am looking forward to a feeling of accomplishment tonight rather than defeat.  I am looking forward to getting my house, my life, and my time back in order.  Here is to a new day with a new schedule!

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  1. Sometimes it pays to sit back and take a new look at things ... I need a new schedule too!


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