Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine Banner Tutorial

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  It is a day to spread extra love and be all mushy, gushy and you can get away with it.  Lately we have been working on a top secret project so that we can spread the love to our family who is close by and farther away.  I won't tell about all the projects we have done because some family that might get a package in the near future (like it is being mailed out today, but you are still very loved) does read my blog because they love me.  :)  I wanted to do a project that both of the kiddos could help with and it would incorporate some school subjects and they wouldn't recognize the fact that they were learning (I try to be all sneaky like that).  I came up with a Valentine Banner that recycles by using brown grocery sacks.  I have kind of been into making crafts out of recycling lately.
First we gathered our supplies - brown grocery sacks, Cricut, scrap patterned paper, glue, letter stickers, and yarn.  I cut down the grocery sacks to 12x12 pieces so that they would fit on my Cricut mat.  Then we chose the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge to cut out hearts.  I set the size at 3" and got about 9 hearts per piece of grocery bag.  The kids loved helping use the Cricut - Baby Bear looked for what we cut (shape identification) and Buddy Bear helped me figure out how many times the shape would fit on each mat and he helped me group them after they were cut (grouping and math).  Then the kiddos went through my scraps of patterned paper and picked the ones they liked best.  We loaded them on to the Cricut mat and cut them at size 2 3/4".  You need 7 paper bag hearts and 7 patterned hearts for each banner.

So once all of the hearts were cut, my Bears worked together to decide which patterned heart to group together.  Then we laid out the paper bag hearts -  you group 2 close together and then leave a space and group the remaining 5 together (grouping/math).  We cut a piece of yarn and laid it on top of the paper bags.  Next, Buddy Bear glued the patterned paper hearts on top of the yarn and paper bag hearts and Baby Bear was the smasher  and she made sure they smashed together like a sandwich (art and fine motor skills).

Once the banner dried, it was time to put on the letters.  Buddy Bear held the sheet of letter stickers and had Baby Bear point out the right letters and then they worked together to put the stickers on the banner (letter identification).  When they were finished putting on the letters, the banner said "U R Loved."  The last thing I did to the banner was tie a slip knot in each end of the yarn so that it could be hung if the recipients so choose.  This was a fun, easy project that both kids could easily help with and learn at the same time. 


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