Monday, June 25, 2012

A Craft Bucket List

I've seen some pretty cool Bucket Lists and Summer Bucket Lists floating around the blogging world recently and was trying to figure out what I would put on my lists. I started coming up with a Summer Bucket List, but quickly realized that it included a lot A LOT of crafts. So instead of coming up with the summer list, I decided to create a Craft Bucket List and give myself at least until the end of the year to complete it (I would love to complete all of the things on it by the end of summer, but let's be realistic - I don't have that kind of attention span..LOL). Here is my... Craft Bucket List
  • Make a dress for Baby Bear
  • Make a skirt for me
  • Scrapbook 50 Layouts
  • Make Marshmallow Fondant
  • Make a craft with chalkboard paint
  • Finish the (forever and a day long) Thomas Kinkaid Cross Stitch I have been working on
  • Decoupage my T.V. Trays
  • Decorate letters for Buddy's Room
  • Make decorations for my craft room
  • Make at least 5 of my Pinterest Pins
This is just the start of my Craft Bucket List.  I am sure I will be adding to it and taking away from it, but before it gets too long, I better get this posted and get crafting!  Do you have a craft list a mile long?  What is on it?

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