Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chalkboard Window

I love the blogs I read and Pinterest.  They are great places for getting inspiration in my crafting.  Something I kept seeing pop up over and over was chalkboard paint and it looked like so much fun.  So shortly before our trip to Ikea, I was telling my hubby that I wanted to find an old window that I could convert to a chalkboard to put in our dining room.  We agreed that it would be pretty cool and he said he would keep his eyes peeled for what I was looking forward.  Then we went to Ikea and I found my favorite section that I seem to find in every store...CLEARANCE (or in Ikea it was labeled As Is, but we all know that is just another name for clearance).  I was looking through all their "As Is" items and started looking through their "As Is" counter tops just to dream and drool a little when I found the perfect window I was looking for.  It was just the right size, had just the right number of panes, and the instant I picked it up I could picture it as a chalkboard.  I flipped it over looking for the price and I about dropped it because it was only $3.00.  I couldn't believe that I found the exact window I was looking for and it was only $3.00.  When we got back home I picked up a pint of chalkboard paint at my local home improvement store for about $9.00.  So I read the paint instructions and painted my window.  My hubby hung it for me the other week and it works perfectly.  Currently I use it for our menu plans, memory verse of the week, upcoming events, quick grocery list, and goals I am working on.  One day when I paint the wall it is hung on, I will add more decorations to my chalkboard window, but until I paint that wall, I haven't decided what decorations to add....all in due time, right?

The window after just one coat of chalkboard paint.

My chalkboard window on the wall that needs paint :)

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  1. I love it! Thank you so much for posting on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week to link up some more great ideas! Have a great rest of the week!


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