Tuesday, October 16, 2012

MIA - The Truth

I know, I know it has been way too long since I sat down and blogged last.  We have been a B-U-S-Y family and the truth is that I have sat down many times to blog, but I have gotten sidetracked.  I think I should blog about something and then I think, no, no one would care about that.  I make excuses about how it is too hard to get blogger to cooperate with my Ipad and I will just take care of it later.  I think I don't really have the time to sit down in the basement on the big, old dinosaur computer and put together something resembling a post.  The truth is I was avoiding blogging because of fear.  Fear that I had nothing good to say, fear that no one would read what I wrote, and fear that my little ol' blog just doesn't matter.  Then it hit me and this will sound rude, but I don't blog for anyone else.  I blog for me to clear the clutter rolling around in my head.  I blog to share something cool I have seen, heard, or learned and although I hope people do read my blog, I usually blog expecting that no one will read it.  When I sat down and thought about it, my fear seemed silly because I had been putting my expectations on everyone else's opinions and thoughts and not remembering that I blog first and foremost for me.  So I am sorry if that all sounded rude, but I have to remember the reason I blog in the first place.

Now that you know the truth, let me also explain what we have been busy with.  First we are starting our 10th week of school this week.  We love our new curriculum, Sonlight.  It has been a blessing to just be able to open my teacher's manual and know exactly what we will be doing on any given day.  It has also been a blessing to sit down and work with Buddy Bear through his day.  He is really enjoying our new curriculum and has been doing very well at it.  He still has his days that he grumbles about school, but who doesn't have that?

The other big project we have been busy with is our new Homeschool Group at our church.  Last year at the end of the school year, one of the private schools that several of our church children attended ended up having to close down.  It was sad because it was a school that served all grades and its closing meant that parents had to make a decision about school all over again.  While we were praying about this my hubby had an idea to broaden our homeschool group that met at the church for gym and some field trips.  His idea that he started praying about was a group that met for all the homeschool families in our church to have classes, field trips, gym, and more much like a co-op.  The response to starting a group like this was outstanding and the ideas just flowed in.  So far we have had 2 meetings.  We gather for at least one day a month and then we have some field trips planned too.  The parents have suggested classes and we volunteer to teach the classes that we decided will be taught at the gatherings.  The possibilities are endless for a group like this and we are so excited that it has come together so well.  Our group is so much fun and while it is a lot of work behind the scenes planning and preparing, it is well worth it and I am happy that our church has embraced our Homeschool Group.

Other things going on around here have been pretty minor but time consuming.  I am trying really hard to get back into my FLYLady Routines.  If you haven't heard of the FLYLady or don't use her routines, I highly recommend them and they are definitely worth "googling."  I hurt my back at the end of summer and have had to nurse that back to health with the help of many chiropractor appointments.  I believe that was all God getting my attention and showing me some things I really needed to work on.  Maybe I will post about it one day.  Baby Bear had a birthday or two or three.  Okay, she didn't have three birthdays, but she did have three parties.  My kids tend to luck out that way and it always seems that we plan a party for them and someone can't make it so they throw a party too.  This year Baby Bear lucked out and my sister-in-law's family loves her too and they decided she needed another party just for her and threw her an absolutely wonderful, magical, and precious Princess Tea Party.  I will have to post about that for sure because it was really special.  Other than all that we have been busy with church events, House Party parties (I'll post how I got to party and become the proud owner of Keurig Vue Brewer), and hanging out with family and friends.  Our life has been pretty busy, but it is always good because God is in control.

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