Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weight-Loss Wednesday

I have to make a correction to my post about my weight-loss last week.  I guess I really shouldn't post when I am sick with a high fever because apparently that leaves me with an inability to do math.  I had not lost 13 pounds total last week.  It should have been only 12.5 pounds total lost.  I am not sure why 13 was stuck in my head last week, but it was.  I know it is only a little different, but I want to be honest so I had to make the correction.

Now on to this week.  This week I took giant steps backward and the scale reflected that.  I didn't get my water in, I didn't pay enough attention to what I was eating, and I gave in to my sweet tooth.  I paid for it on the scale and I am sad to report that I gained three pounds this week.  Trust me it was a low point for me this morning when I stepped on the scale.  I am not going to wallow in the pity though.  I am going to get right back up, accept the blame for sabotaging myself, and get right back on track.  I know that I didn't do what I was supposed to and I deserved to see a gain on the scale.  I know that I am not the kind of person that can slack when I am trying to accomplish something otherwise I have major setbacks, but I tried to do just that this past week.  I slipped a little with my goals and then I decided I could just relax for a day or two, but that kind of thinking backfired.  I have to be diligent with my choices, my workouts, and my food otherwise I will not lose the weight.  I know that and this will I will focus on being diligent instead of being relaxed.   My total weigh loss this week is only nine and a half pounds because I sabotaged myself.  Next week it will be better.

Changes implemented:
Reintroduce limited caffeine starting 12/21/12
Re-start 30 day fitness challenge Week of 1/1/13
Increased water intake - 12/1/12
Reduced sugar intake - 12/1/12

Weight to lose: 40.5 lbs.

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