Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight-Loss Wednesdays

It is Wednesday again.  The weeks lately have just been a blur to me.  Ever since Christmas Eve when Buddy Bear got the flu and then on Christmas, I got the flu, time has just all ran together.  Last week it was my hubby's turn to get the flu, so just when I was starting to get back on track, I fell right back off.  This week I thought we were in the clear and then Baby Bear woke up throwing up, so AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!  The worst part about the flu virus going around in the area where we leave is that it leaves you fatigued.  I am so TIRED, all the time from this virus and that is exactly what the doctor said would happen.  The virus after the flu just has to run its course which means there are moments in my day I can barely keep my eyes open and other very brief moments I feel spurts of energy and the rest of the family is feeling pretty much exactly the same as me.

I know that I have not been eating as "clean" as I should be as we have struggled through the last couple of weeks and the scale has been showing that.  Even though Wednesday is my official weigh in day, I do weigh every day and the scale has been all over.  I know that I have not made the best choice for my body and I have been making do as we have been getting better and all getting sick at different times.  So today's weigh in didn't come as much of a surprise.  I know what choices I have made, I know that I can make better choices and that I have to get right back to most of the habits I created in December.  This morning I have gained 0.5 pounds.  It is not a lot, but I don't like seeing a gain.  So I am going to work really hard to get completely back on track so I can keep losing and not see another gain.  I also have restarted my 30 day challenge workout on my Wii.  I had missed too many days when I was sick to finish the challenge with in the 30 days that I had started in December, so the game asked me if I wanted to finish that challenge or restart it for a new 30 day period.  I opted to restart the game and start my challenge over again.  I am still loving (okay, mostly loving) my workout game.  I can't say I really love it on the days that I have to do squats, lunges, jump squats, and lunge holds on the same day, but overall it is fun for me and I know that it is quick and I can make it through the workouts.  I plan to complete this 30 day challenge and then restart the challenge again for another 30 days but set it at high intensity to see if I can complete it.  Getting back on track with my food and water means that I really need to focus on getting enough water in each day and making better food choices.  I know that I need to stick to whole grains and get more servings of fruits and vegetables in.  That was what was working for me and I just need to get right back to it.  I am hoping next week will be better and I will finally show a loss on the scale again.

Changes implemented:
Reintroduce limited caffeine starting 12/21/12
Re-start 30 day fitness challenge Week of 1/1/13
Increased water intake - 12/1/12
Reduced sugar intake - 12/1/12

Weight to lose: 40 lbs.

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