Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fun

Have you heard of House Party?  House Party is a company that lets you test products from other companies by having a party in your house with your friends and then every one gives their own opinion of the product through surveys.  It is super easy, they send you the products you are to try in a "Party Pack," then you host a party on a particular day, have fun with your friends, take pictures and/or video of your party, upload them to House Party, and then after the party send out the email of the survey.  Easy peasy and it is a great chance to try out products which most of the time you get to keep.  I've hosted House Parties for games, foods, and my very favorite one ever...a Keurig Vue Brewer House Party where they sent me the Keurig Vue Brewer for free and I got to keep it.  I highly recommend joining House Party because it is really a lot of fun.

Last week we hosted a Monopoly Unleashed House Party.  It was a lot of fun to invite all of our friends and their kids over and have a game night.  House Party sent an awesome Party Pack that included a Monopoly game with the new cat token, Monopoly Deal, Candyland, and Connect 4 along with some other party favors.  Everyone thought the new cat token was pretty cute and it really adds to the game because now you can play Cats vs. Dogs.  That makes for an interesting spin on the traditional Monopoly game.  We even had fun as a family a few days later playing Monopoly using the Cats vs. Dogs rules in which the cats rule the game.  The kids really enjoyed playing the updated version of Candyland.  The little girls decided that the updated Candyland board is cuter and the people are easier to hold on to for little hands.  We never got around to the Monopoly Deal card game or the Connect 4, but I am sure they are a blast too.

* I was in no way compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.  I am merely telling my experiences with House Party and our most recent party.  The Party Pack I was provided was a pack that was mailed to all Monopoly Unleashed Hostesses from House Party.