Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 Apps We Use for Homeschooling

Let's face it technology is all around us and it isn't going away.  We can abuse the technology around us by being completely glued to it and not living in real life or we can use it for good things.  So you have to decide how you use it and how you let your kids use it.

We use technology in our house for learning and for fun, but I will admit it is a little overwhelming.  Why?  There are so many things out there - websites, apps, programs, and the list goes on.  Today we are going to focus on Apps, because they are everywhere.  It seems like there is an app for everything and it can be hard to decide which ones to buy or download for free.  How do you know if an App is really worth it?  How do you know if it is all it claims to be?  For our family, we do the research on them and look at the reviews.  When we got our iPad several years ago, we knew we would not only use it for fun games to entertain, but we also wanted to use it as part of our schooling.  We knew there were great educational apps out there, but we had to figure out what worked best for us.  After researching apps, reading about them, and checking out the reviews, we found some really great apps that we do use as a part of our schooling.  These apps are not the only things we use for school, I am sure you could probably do that, but we have not chose that route.  Some of them we use on a daily basis and others we only use occasionally, not because we don't love them, but because they are subjects we don't need every day.

Here are 5 apps we really use for homeschooling.  They are Apple Apps because we have an iPad and I am providing the link to them so you can find them easily.  These are NOT affiliate links and I am not being paid in any way for my opinion on these app nor am I getting paid if you click the link.  They are truly just the apps we use and we like for our school.

Stack the States™
We love this paid app because it is fun.  My kids don't know that I love for them to play on this app because they are learning.  They learn the state shapes, capitals, and the location of the state within the United States.  My kids have fun playing this "game" because they earn states and they can unlock bonus games while they are playing.

Duolingo is a FREE app and we are using it to learn Spanish.  We decided as a family that we would learn a language and we chose Spanish.  This app is easy to use and you work one level at a time.  We learn words, phrases, spelling, and pronunciation in this app.  You can also use it to learn other languages.  My kids love the little owl coach that tells your progress and they love the visuals throughout the app.  

This is a paid app designed to help with reading.  I think I may have downloaded this one when it was either on sale or the free app of the week.  Anyway, my daughter and the little girl I babysit for love this app.  They have a lot of fun with it.  It teaches letter sounds, combination sounds, rhyming. letter matching, and more.  They love it because they can record what the words they are sounding out and hear it played back to them.  Even though both of them can read now (they were both just beginning to read when we downloaded it), they still love to play this app and earn stickers to decorate the raven's tree house.  There are multiple levels to play and they still have fun with it even knowing how to to read independently.  It was a great tool when they were just learning to read too.

This is one of my very favorite apps for my kids, honestly I like to work in it too.  This app is connected with their website which we use too.  I really, really love this one and do highly recommend both the app and the website.  We downloaded it to work on math, but they also offer science and humanities which I am sure we will use in the future as the kids get older.  You can do level specific math work, watch videos with explanations for how/why a problem is worked the way it is, and earn badges for the work you do.  One of my other favorite parts is that you can set up student accounts for your kids and then set up a teacher account for you and then link the two.  This allows you to quickly go in and check your dashboard to see what your student has been working on and how they are doing on the work.  LOVE it!!!!  I must admit as a self proclaimed "math nerds," I find my hubby and I working on upper levels of math in this app too.  :)

This free app isn't necessarily just for homeschooling, but it is great for that.  I download a wide variety of books from Amazon that I do get for free to this app.  When my kids need some quiet time they can grab our iPad, turn on the Kindle app and look for the books I download for them.  They also use this app when researching topics for papers.  Several times I have downloaded free reference books or books on topics that I know they are interested in so that they do have them when they need to write papers or give speeches.  This app is great for when we can't get to the public library right away and I know the books I have downloaded are books that we approve of and are safe for them to read.

There you have it.  5 apps we use in our homeschooling.  Do you use apps in your homeschooling?  If so, which ones do you use?  Also feel free to check out which apps my other friends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew are using in their home schools by clicking on the picture below.  

Our favourite Apps for Homeschooling iOS and Android


  1. A Kahn Academy app! I'm so glad you added that to your list because I never thought to look for that one!

  2. Thank you for sharing these. We are going to have to check out Stacking the States for sure.

    1. I love that specific app because my kids are learning while they are playing. They also have Stack the Countries and more, but we don't have them yet.


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