Monday, January 4, 2016 Yearly Membership Review

Homeschooling isn't always easy and sometimes you need a little help in some areas that is why I am so excited about this review.  Sometimes you search and search for the help you need and you find things that are good, but not great.  Other times you find the jackpot!!!  I have been lucky enough to receive the Yearly Membership on to review and let me tell you it is the jackpot for homeschooling.  I am telling you if you are homeschooling, RUN and sign up to today!!!!

This is part of the home page of

Let me tell you why this is one of my favorite new sites for homeschooling.  It is packed full of courses, ideas, activities, help, and even videos for EVERYONE in your homeschooling family.  This site is useful for parents, students, teachers, and the entire family.  I will admit when I first logged on to their site I was a little overwhelmed at the amount of material on there, I thought "How will I ever choose what we look at first?"  Then I started really exploring.   I went first to their "New Members Hub" and I was so glad I did.  This is one the best explanations of how to use a website that I have found.  It took me through what I would find on their site, how to use what I found, and areas I would find of interest among other things.  The next area I searched through on the site is their courses offered.  I was blown away by the amount and variety of the courses offered.  We have been looking for some electives for our son for awhile now that he is in middle school, but were not really sure where to start with him.  So we started here...

We chose the Web Game Design course taught by Chris Yust.  I wasn't sure if this was exactly the right starting point for my son as he has not done a lot of computer work in the past, but it is a middle school course and he is showing interest in game design so we decided to try it.  We read through the overview and pulled up the first lesson.  My son wanted to try it on his own so he sat down and got started.  The first lesson took him about 30 minutes and he needed very little assistance from me.  I did show him a couple of things as he momentarily "lost" a folder (it just didn't move where he thought it did).  When I checked, he had followed the lesson step by step and gotten it  right.  (I will say I think the first lesson would have taken less time if he had more computer knowledge to start with.)  The next night my hubby sat down with my son and read through what he had already covered and the next section with him.  In about an hours time my son had created a working html file.  The next day for the next lesson my son did it completely on his own.  He added to his html file writing Java Script completely on his own.  A couple of things took him a few times of trial and error, but he kept at it and now his html file is looking really good.  I am extremely impressed with the class so far and my son can't wait to finish it and create his own web game.  We are really happy that we choose this course for him and his progress on it.

I was also looking for a class for my daughter.  I wanted something that I could have her work on while I was working on school with my son.  So I was really looking for something she could do by herself once I got her started.  Right now she loves reading, writing, and grammar activities.  So I searched under this area...

I found her the Daily Puzzlers that are created by Judith Holbrook of  These are fun little logic based word puzzles that use thinking skills, spelling, and vocabulary skills.  My second grade daughter loves figuring out these puzzles step by step.  She zoomed through the first few and begged me to pull up more.  She can't wait each day to do her puzzle and she is having a lot of fun with this course.  We will definitely continue working through the Daily Puzzlers.

There are also many classes that I plan to start once we start school again this week after our Christmas break.  I plan on having both of my kids work through the Elementary Spanish lessons and the Everyday Spanish Copywork as we want to learn a second language and we have dabbled with Spanish.  Even though my son is in middle school I think the elementary lessons will work for him too as he is just in the beginning stages of learning Spanish.  I was also very excited to find Bible Adventures: Spanish as a course offered.  We know these stories in English so it will be fun to learn them in Spanish and we plan to do this as a family.  I know this course is meant for preschool/elementary, but I think they will be a perfect starting point for our family.  Another class that my daughter wants to start after break is Everyday Easels.  She LOVES art so we are very excited for her to try this one especially because they break down the lessons according to grades.  We also want to start the Geography lessons by Terri Johnson with both kids.  These lessons are also broken down by grade level so each of my kids can work at their own level.  There are many more courses we will be checking out too and I will come back and let you know which ones we are trying.
Some of the pros of  courses offered through are the variety.  There is a class for every age, every family, and so many subjects on here, it is hard to choose which one to start first.  Another pro of the courses are many of them have course completion certificates you can print out when your child finishes the course.  My kids love to share their accomplishments with our family and friends so this is a great way to do that.  Another pro of the courses is that many of the higher level courses have credits for completing them.  The courses that do have credits, list them on the course Transcript Information.  This is just the beginning of the list of pros of the courses offered.  The only con I have found so far is having to decide which course to start with.  There are so many courses that fit for our family that it was truly hard to choose our first one.

There are many other perks of the Yearly Membership at  They have many resources for members that include planners, resources for teaching, current and back issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, monthly menus and the list goes on.  I am just starting to scratch the surface of this part of the website, but I am loving what I have found so far.  The site also has a media library that is AWESOME!!!  My daughter and I watched some of the videos on there the other day as we were relaxing and she can't wait to see the next one of the series she was watching.  My hubby and I are excited to check out some of the Bible study videos in their media library.  I truly could go on and on about but I am sure you don't have all day to just read my review.  I do have some super exciting news for you my readers. is offering my readers a special -50% on a 1 year subscription when you use the coupon code: CREWFOLLOWER.  RUN, NOW and get your subscription.  You can use my affiliate link to if you would like so that I get credit for your purchase or any of the affiliate links in my post.

I am also excited to let you guys know that I am a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew which is an awesome community.  You will definitely be seeing more reviews from me and the crew this year on my blog.  As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I will get the chance to try out homeschooling products and tell you all about them.  So please go and check out more reviews over at the Schoolhouse Review Crew: Review 2016

Please let me know if you get a membership at  I would love to know what courses you and your family are using.


  1. Great review! This is my first year on The Crew. I thought this yearly membership for SchoolhouseTeachers was amazing :)

    1. I am totally in LOVE with the site and definitely will continue getting a membership to in future years.


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