Thursday, March 10, 2016

So It Begins...Part 2

Last week we started the process of remodeling our kitchen.  Our original plan was to remodel the kitchen in stages.  We were thinking stages because it fit our busy schedules better, it gave us time to plan out every little detail of the kitchen, and it didn't drain all the money we had set aside for this project at once.  We decided to start with the floor because it had to go in before changing out cabinets or anything else could be moved/rearranged and so on.  That WAS the plan.  See that key word WAS?  Unfortunately, the beginning of the project didn't go as we planned, but fortunately we had been saving up and have the ability to remodel out kitchen all at once.  We are real and we know remodeling never really works in real life like you think it will work in your head and that God is in charge of ALL plans and we trust His plan for the entire kitchen remodel to happen at once is better than our plan for stages.

Our original plan (you can see the post about it here) was to remove the base cabinets replace the floor and then put the old cabinets back in while we decided the kitchen layout.  This seemed like a good plan because it meant less down time for our kitchen and our normal routine could continue.  Well, like all good plans, it didn't quite happen that way.  We always knew our cabinets were not the best built cabinets and thought maybe one or two of them might have just been pieced together, but we weren't sure which ones.  So last week when the cabinet removal process started, I took the kiddos and ran a few errands so we were not underfoot.  I was a little surprised to come back and find that some of our biggest cabinets had only been pieced together by the manufacturer of our home.  My first thought was: "OH NO!  What happens now that there are not as many cabinets to put back in?"  Hubby and I, re-grouped and decided that we would just have to spend some time making decisions about how we wanted out kitchen laid out.  We finally came to the conclusion that we wanted to keep our basic layout for our kitchen the same and maybe add a couple of cabinets.  We also made some decisions about our kitchen island, but I can't share those with you yet.  After pricing cabinets at quite a few stores, we ended up deciding to have our contractor build our cabinets because he can make the custom ones I want and then they are built exactly the way I want them without being special order like they are in the stores.

While our remodeling plans have had to be adjusted, it has been okay.  I may have had to rearrange my menu plan, wash dishes in my bathtub a couple of times (don't worry my sink is now temporarily back - I am getting a new one), and make decisions quicker than I thought I was going to have to, but I am SO, SO, SO happy with the progress of my kitchen.  It is coming together.  Want to see?  You know you have been waiting...or did you scroll down and cheat to look at the pictures first?  Please don't mind all the extra stuff in the pictures...I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  :)

Reminder of what the kitchen looked like before.

The new floor...I totally LOVE it!

It is a vinyl, lock together floor.
The beginnings of the base cabinets

Another pic of the beginnings of the base cabinets

Looking towards my dining room.  My kitchen and dining room look HUGE now thanks to the new floor.
What do you think so far?  If you could put anything in your kitchen, what would it be?


  1. Hooray! I'm so happy for you and your family. The floor looks great.
    hmmm, I miss my gas stove. That's what I would put in my kitchen.

    1. Thanks! Every once in awhile I miss our gas stove, but that was 15+ years ago. :)


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