Friday, March 18, 2016

So It Begins...Part 3

We are still in the middle of our kitchen remodeling project and it is going well.  It has been crazy, busy, and awesome to see it all start coming together.  You can read about what has happened in our kitchen so far by reading Part 1 and Part 2 of my "So It Begins" series.  There have been big changes this week that have made a huge difference and little changes this week that I didn't think would make a huge difference, but they did.  It seems every little part that goes in or gets finished makes such a difference.  So let's see what all has changed this week?  The cabinet designs are finalized and the frames of the base cabinets are built and in.  The island cabinet frame is built.  We have ordered the counter tops.  We ordered all the drawer and cabinet handles, hinges, and drawer slides and they just came as I typed (thank you Amazon Prime).  I had the trim all primed, but hubby painted on the final color which is Oatmeal Beige.  Hubby also started trimming the wall with paint for me (please read this sentence as I am not talented on a later and I know it) and he ended up blessing me by painting most of the kitchen for me.  I finished up the painting on Monday night as we to do some patching on the wall before it could be painted (it was formerly a wall full of pictures).  We made a quick trip to an Ikea store to buy my sink and the faucet I wanted.  One of my main requests for my kitchen was for a Farmhouse Sink.  I know not everyone likes them, but I LOVE it.  I love the look of it, I love the size of it, and I really started my kitchen planning with the sink.  It was the first thing I knew I had to have in my new kitchen.  It sounds silly and it probably is, but it makes me happy.  Moving on, we also had a bulkhead put in to give a definite "end" to our kitchen.  It still needs another coat of mud and sanding so it can be painted, but it gives the kitchen a whole new look.  It amazes me how much this one little bulkhead changed the look of our kitchen in an awesome way.  I have been telling hubby for years I didn't want one because I didn't think it would look good.  I had to take those words back and tell him that he was absolutely right and we should have put in the bulkhead years ago.  Today our contractor, Dave, is putting some more of the cabinets together and he is going to start painting our cabinets.  I am very excited about the color and how it will change the look of our cabinets (remember we only replaced the bottom cabinets, the top cabinets are still fine) and how it will change the look of our kitchen.  Decisions that still need to be made: lighting, lighting, and more lighting.  We have looked at some lighting, but so far we have not made any definite decisions on it.  So I know you have all been waiting for the pictures.  I bet some of you didn't even read this and just scrolled down to the pictures...cheaters.  :)

My kitchen before the remodeling.
The new floor and the beginning of the framing of the new base cabinets.
The new color of the walls and trim.
The bottom cabinets are framed and the dishwasher is back in.
A close up of the colors. 
The island outline...RIP old island, Hello new island
Before the bulkhead (over the hallway)
A preview of the new cabinet color
Framing for the new island to anchor it to the floor or a hockey goal :) 
Prepping for painting the cabinets.
My pretty new sink and new faucet...don't mind all the stuff on it (I forgot to get the picture before the contractor arrived).
The new bulkhead (looking down the hallway).
Check back next week to see the progress!  It is really coming together and I can't wait to see it all finished.  What do you think?

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