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GREEMU by Devonian Review

I have always had very sensitive skin so I am very picky about what I products I use.  I am always on the look out for natural products and that is exactly what I found when I was sent GREEMU by Devonian to review.  GREEMU is a natural plant based oil alternative to Emu Oil.  There are many great skin and hair care benefits from using Emu Oil, but the oil can only be extracted from the fatty tissue of the bird.  Devonian has worked very hard for the last few years to create their natural, plant based GREEMU oil which provides the same great skin and hair benefits.  GREEMU oil conforms to the standards for Grade A Emu Oil but instead of being extracted from birds, it is created using macadamia seed oil, palm oil, Shea butter,  sunflower seed oil, and rice bran oil.  GREEMU is designed to protect and nourish your skin.  It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  You can also use GREEMU as a hair treatment to make your hair more manageable, reduce split ends, and make your hair shiny. 
Greemu Devonian Review
I was very excited to receive my bottle of GREEMU from Devonian because my sensitive skin gets terribly dried out in the winter.  I truly struggle to find products that don’t irritate my skin or leave it feeling greasy and because of this I am very picky about what I will use on my skin.  I started using my bottle of GREEMU the day it came.  I started by testing it on my arms and it did not irritate my skin in any way.  It only left it feeling soft and moisturized.  I also like the very faint scent of the GREEMU.  I think it has a very, very light nutty scent, but my family says I am crazy and they can’t smell it all (maybe they are the crazy ones).  I feel like I really put GREEMU to the test when I put it on my legs directly after shaving them.  In the past if I put lotion on my legs right after shaving I get razor burn on them something fierce, it stings and is just uncomfortable.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I applied GREEMU right after shaving my legs, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t suffer from any razor burn, no stinging, and instead of being uncomfortable, my legs just felt moisturized.  I started using the GREEMU on my legs every time I shaved them and my legs feel so much more moisturized now.  In the past my legs would get so dry and itchy that I would scratch them until they had sores, but since I have been using the GREEMU I don’t have that problem any more.  The other way I tested out GREEMU was by using it in my hair.  I have been trying to grow my hair out and I have been straightening it a lot just because it is at a weird in between stage.  The directions on the GREEMU say you can use it to help restore your hair.  I thought I would try it out because my hair was starting to feel dry from all the straightening.  I put the GREEMU on my hair from the roots to the tips and left it in overnight.  I truly expected to have a hard time washing it out, but much to my surprise it washed right out in one shampooing.  After I washed out the GREEMU, my hair was nice, soft, and manageable again.  One of the things I am most impressed with about this product is how little of the GREEMU I have actually used.  I have not been sparing with it.  I have used it on myself and a couple of times on my daughter and I still have about 3/4 of the bottle left.  If you are looking for a great natural product to help with skin or hair issues, I would definitely recommend GREEMU by Devonian. 
Look how much GREEMU I still have left after weeks of use.
You can get more information about GREEMU by Devonian at their website.  You can buy it over at Koru Naturals.  You can also check out their Facebook page and their Pinterest page.

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  1. I also use it after shaving, and my legs feel and look so smooth and shiny!


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