Friday, May 6, 2016

5 Things You Can Do For Mom

Mother's Day is on Sunday and it's a great time to celebrate the amazing lady that is raising you or has raised you if you are grown.  There are so many things Moms do for us and so many ways they love us.  I thought I would share just a few easy and inexpensive things that you can do for your Mom this Mother's Day.

  1. Make Mom her favorite meal or help make her favorite meal  - I know I love to cook, but it is extra special when my family gets in the kitchen and works together to make my favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  2. Do some chores for Mom.  - I don't know any Moms that would turn down having laundry caught up for them or tell you that you couldn't clean up the house for them.
  3. Make Mom something - Some of my favorite gifts I have gotten from my kiddos are the cards they have made me, the drawings they have made me, and little crafts they have made for me.
  4. Buy or pick Mom some flowers - My hubby and kids like to get me flowers that will last for the summer for mothers day, ones I can plan in my planters, and I think it is sweet because I think of them every time I see them.
  5. Write Mom a letter.  - What Mom doesn't love a heartfelt letter from their child...(I might have had an agenda for this last item and I hope my mom is reading my blog today.)

A Letter for My Own Mom

Dear Mom,
I know I don't tell you often enough or show it very well, but I am so grateful for everything you have ever done for me.  I know you gave up a lot to raise us on your own.  You never thought twice about all the things you had to do to raise us, you just did it.  You worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed and stuff we just wanted.  I know you must have went without so that we wouldn't have to.  You encouraged us even you felt so discouraged and I am sure you had your days where you weren't sure we kids would make it, but we did.  You always put us first and made sure we knew we were loved and cared for.  You sacrificed time and time again so that we could become the people we are today.  Thank you for all of that.  Thank you for putting up with me when I have been difficult and stubborn (even when I still am now).  Thank you for never giving up on us.  Thank you for loving me so much and showing me how to love my kids.  I know you sometimes doubt yourself and wonder if you did a good job raising us, but you don't need to doubt or wonder, you did an amazing job.  I know I get frustrated with you and we still bump heads sometimes, but it is because I love you and we are a lot alike.  I know you look at you and you don't see what I see, but you can be sure that I see an amazingly strong, capable Mom who can do anything she sets her mind to.  I'd be lost without you Mom!  
I love you!


  1. yes your Mom read your blog today and YES you made me cry...I love you too honey and I am proud to have you as my daughter...Happy Mother's Day sweetie!


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