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A Review of Introductory Science from Science Shepherd

Little Miss has always been very curious about how the world works and why.  She really enjoys science class so we were very excited to receive Introductory Science from Science Shepherd to review.  Introductory Science is a complete homeschool science curriculum that has two different levels of instruction - Level A and Level B - and it is recommended for ages 6-11.  We received the workbook and Answer Key for Level A which is for ages 6-8 along with 12 months of access to the online video course.  The online video course has a daily video to watch that takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes and it is divided into 35 weeks.  Since you get 12 months of access to videos, they can easily be adjusted to fit any schedule.  Science Shepherd also offers curriculum for Biology, Life Science, and Creation Science for other ages as well as the Introductory Science.
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Science Shepherd is a homeschool science curriculum company that was created by homeschool dad, Scott Hardin, MD.  Based on his personal experiences with his own children and through speaking to parents of other homeschooled children, he saw the need for quality, higher level science curricula to be developed for older students.  After introducing their first courses, Science Shepherd also saw the need for science courses for all ages and that is when they developed Introductory Science for elementary age students.  All of the curriculum that Science Shepherd offers contains a Biblical perspective.  After using the Introductory Science for awhile now, I am very happy that they did develop this product for the elementary age.
Little Miss was very excited for a new science curriculum.
Watching a video lesson
Like I previously stated, Little Miss has always been very curious about how stuff works and why.  It is a great curiosity to have and we have always encouraged it.  It makes science very interesting to her and although we have always used a Christian curriculum with her, they don't always use Christian science materials as they can be hard to find.  The science curriculum we had been using before reviewing this product, provided notes about how to work with your student to teach them how the book's view is different than a Christian view, but sometimes that gets burdensome and repetitive.   I was very excited to introduce a science curriculum that has a Biblical perspective to Little Miss because I knew I wouldn't have to do all the explaining of how this is different from what we believe.  Little Miss was excited to get going on Introductory Science because she was curious about the videos and what she would be working on in the workbook.  Science Shepherd's Introductory Science covers topics like creation, geology, biology, astronomy, oceanography, and meteorology as well as other topics.  We started on Week 1 and it began with Creation.  The videos for the week talked about God's word being final, God creating everything, how God created, why God created, and then they started talking about what God created on each day.  Every day after Little Miss watched the video online, she would open her workbook answer the questions and complete the activity if there was one.  The questions were very easy for her to understand and some of them were easier for her to answer than others.  Many times she knew the right answer, but she asked if she could watch the video again just to make sure she was right and I was perfectly okay with that.  Some days there was no activity to complete, just the questions and other days it was a puzzle of some sort, an experiment, or a hands on activity.  Little Miss really enjoyed doing them all.  Week 2 finished up teaching the days of Creation in depth   I really liked Week 2, Day 4 that talked about dominion.  The activity for this day had Little Miss think about the things she has dominion over and how she could take care of those things.  This gave us a chance to really talk about her responsibilities and taking care of the things that are hers to show that she really appreciates them.  Week 3 was about Science Skills and Tools.  She liked learning about the tools scientists use and learning about using her senses in science.  Weeks 4, 5, and 6 are all about Meteorology and Little Miss has been having a lot of fun learning all about this subject.  She really liked the condensation activity (which I forgot to snap a picture of...bummer) even though it took a little longer to work because it was a cold Spring day.  We are planning to try it again this summer on a nice hot, sunny day since it should work a little faster then.  The timing of Week 6 has been really good because it is about storms, thunder and lightning, wind, tornadoes and hurricanes, and The Great Flood.  We live in the Midwest and since Spring is here, it increases our chance of severe weather.  It has reminded me to talk with her and her older brother about what we do in storms and to practice for severe weather.
Inside the workbook
The answer key
This was a great activity and discussion for Little Miss.
We have really enjoyed Introductory Science, Level A, from Science Shepherd.  I really, really like the Biblical perspective of this curriculum and knowing that I don't have to worry about explaining anything about this curriculum having different beliefs than our Christian beliefs.  That is truly a blessing to me.  I also like that I can get Little Miss to the website and she can find the video she is on and get it playing.  We both liked that the videos are short, but very informative.  Little Miss wanted to watch several of them more than once because she wanted to make sure she got all the information from them.  She also liked that there weren't tons of questions for each day.  She liked the assortment of activities that the workbook had you work on.  We will definitely continue working our way through this science curriculum next Fall for her third grade work because we both liked it so much.  I also plan on checking out their other courses for my son for his 8th grade science.
Creation drawings
More creation drawings
You can find out more about Science Shepherd and all the course they have to offer on their website.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  You can find the Introductory Science that we used here and then determine if Level A or Level B is the right level for your student.  All of their products are very reasonably priced in my opinion.

My friends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew have also been working on reviewing products from Science Shepherd.  Please go and check out which curriculum they have been using and what they think about it.  I will definitely be checking out their reviews.
Science Shepherd Review

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