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WAY Comes Home Kit from HomeSchool Scholastics Review

Teaching my kids to be healthy is a priority for me so I was very excited to receive a WAY Comes Home Kit from HomeSchool Scholastics, an i4 Learning Company to review.  I was excited to get this product to because it is designed to teach all the aspects of health while covering lessons in other subjects and it is very interactive.  I hoped that it would make learning about health fun for Little Miss.
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HomeSchool Scholastics has designed this WAY Comes Home Kit especially for homeschoolers for Kindergarten through 5th grade.  WAY stands for Wellness, Academics, and You and that is exactly who they were thinking of when they put this program together.  Their lessons cover physical activity and fitness, nutrition and healthful eating, health communications, emotional health, social skills, and critical thinking skills.  In addition to covering all of these health topics, the lessons included are divided into five modules.  Each module has instructions to teach students at three different levels.  The levels are WAY Health Safari for Kindergarten and 1st grade, WAY Me Mysteries for 2nd and 3rd grade, and WAY Innerspace Adventure for 4th and 5th grades.

The WAY Comes Home Kit comes with 3 student journals for students to work through on their health journey (one for each of the levels).  It also includes a parent guidebook which has all the lessons in it, a My Plate booklet, a large pack of vocabulary cards, and a DVD.  The DVD that has video clips that go along with the lessons and it also has "deskercise" physical activities on it that are used to get your students moving and help them have fun while completing the physical activities.  Their Kit also includes many of the supplies you need for the lessons.  Some of these are an eye chart, a measuring tape, a stethoscope, and a balance scale just to name a few.  This kit is truly packed full of the things you need to make this program successful.
Little Miss and her WAY Me Mysteries Journal
After reading through the introduction and figuring out where to start, I got ready for our first module.  It was very easy to prepare for because the parent guidebook has everything laid out for you so nicely.  Each module has an overview of what it is about then it is broken down into the 3 levels.  You pick which level you are working at and then you can find out what you need to do to prep for the lesson as the teacher, an overview of the lesson, what to get ready, and the vocabulary words you will be teaching.  The next part is the "What to Do" section and it walks you through teaching the lesson step by step. Each lesson includes ideas for including younger or older children, an "Art Attach" task for students to complete, ideas for how to incorporate the lesson for over the weekend, a section for prayer and reflection, and extra resources, a fun fact, and a "Rainy Day Extra" activity.  Each lesson is packed full of so much good information and ideas that you can make the lesson last for an entire week which is what we did.  Little Miss worked on each module for about a week because once I got her started on it, she wanted to complete all the parts of it and she was having fun completing the modules.

I had Little Miss working on the WAY Me Mysteries for 2nd and 3rd grade.  I looked through the other two levels and the Health Safari seemed too easy for her while the Innerspace Adventure is still a little above her at this point.  The Me Mysteries was just the right pace for her and the tasks were simple enough for her to complete, but they still made her stop and think when she had to journal.  She really enjoyed working on the lessons.  One of her favorite parts was that she got to draw for each lesson.  She took her time and really thought about what to draw for each lesson.  She really enjoyed the activity where she had to draw 8 different things she did throughout the day and then she had to write about her drawing.  She had to describe the healthy things in her drawing and the things she could do to improve her health.  She also liked learning that health isn't just about what you eat or if you exercise, but it applies to all parts of your body and mind.  She also liked using the stethoscope, which was included in the kit, to find her heartbeat and then learning to find her pulse and learning why it changes.  She liked doing the exercises from the DVD to get her heart pumping.  We are currently working through Module 4 - The Nutrition WAY.  I purposely put this module off a little to match when our garden is producing regularly so that we could talk more about the fruits and veggies we eat and why we grow them along with this module.  Little Miss is having a lot of fun with this whole program.
Little Miss loves using the stethoscope to find our heartbeat and listen to our lungs.
As a parent, what do I think about this program?  I really love it.  I love how everything is laid out for you and it makes teaching health easy.  It is very well rounded and doesn't just focus on what you eat or just exercise, but it truly focuses on the body as a whole.  It has lead to a lot of good discussion about what we can do to be healthier and a few little changes we can make as a family to improve our family's health.  I truly appreciate the pray and reflect area because it gives us places we can look for in God's word to see what he says about health.  It was also very helpful to have so many supplies come with the kit we received.  I didn't have to go out and buy a bunch of extra things we would only use a few times and having and using these supplies are helping the lessons stick with Little Miss better (she is a hands on learner).  We will definitely finish up the Me Mysteries Modules and then next year when Little Miss is in 4th Grade we will use the Innerspace Adventure level of this program.
An example of journal work (please ignore any misspellings or bad grammar).
We hope that you take the time to check out this great program.  Right now they are offering their kit for $29.95 (no coupon code needed) and they are also offering free shipping.  You can find out more information on HomeSchool Scholastics on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  You can learn more about the WAY Comes Home Kit that we received by clicking here.  My friends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew have also been using this program and you can check out what they think about it by clicking the banner below.
WAY Comes Home Kit Review

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