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CHSH Download Club from Review

If you are like me and you teach 2 completely different grades, you are always looking for products that you can use for both students while not breaking the bank.  This is exactly what I found when I was recently given an Annual Subscription to the CHSH Download Club from to review.  I was super excited to start digging through this website because it is truly jam packed full of great content to download for subscribers.
Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}, homeschool, education, teach, curriculum. worksheets, lapbooking, notebooking is an online site that offers over 50,000 downloadable pages of educational material for their subscribers.  This site was started by Lynda Ackert who is an experienced public school teacher and a veteran homeschooler.  She has created the majority of the downloads on the site.  It has content for students from Preschool through 12th grade in a multitude of subjects.  There is really something for every homeschool student on this site.  Once you become a Download Club subscriber, not only can you download the content already on the site, you can also upload your personally created units.  CHSH is frequently adds new content for its members and not only do they have their annual subscription, they also have a lifetime subscription. 

I am so excited for these Literature Studies, I can't wait to use them later this year!
I was very excited to receive access to my Annual Subscription because I found many resources that I thought I could use in our school for each of my kids and I was right.  CHSH is filled with downloads for just about every subject.  I found ones I wanted to check out for Geography, Social Studies, Math, Literature studies, Health, Character studies, Science, and Spanish just to name a few.  I found resources that will work for Buddy for 8th grade and ones that will work for Little Miss for 3rd grade.  I was blown away by the amount of materials I found.

This year for Buddy we are studying the Civil War for History.  We have also been working on learning about the Election process since it is a current event and it is receiving so much attention.  So once I logged in, I headed right to the Social Studies subject area.  I knew I wanted to look and see what was available for Buddy’s history classes since we are not using a boxed curriculum.  I was very excited to find several resources for the Civil War and I promptly downloaded the Student Textbook resource.  We have read through a couple random sections in this book that go along with the Civil War subjects we have started studying (it is an enormous topic that we are breaking down into small, manageable bits).  I love the lessons it has planned out to go along with the reading and the teaching prompts for the lessons.  They might be designed for more than just one student, but I found them easily adaptable.  I also marked in our school planner when we will use the other resources for the Civil War that CHSH has available because they are on very specific topics that we will be covering later on in the year.  The next area I checked out for Buddy was also in Social Studies and it is all about Elections.  We have been using the resource on the Electoral College because it is more in depth than the resource I originally planned to have him use to study this topic.  Buddy has been reading through this resource and answering the questions I created for him from the reading.  We also have been working through the “Election Analysis” resource which has him paying more attention to the candidates, their campaigns, and the advertising they do.  This one we work on about once a week because I want him to see how the campaigns change as it gets closer to the election.  I have also printed off a couple of fun review packets for him.  They are for grade levels below him, but it never really hurts to review past concepts in my opinion.  I have also been searching through the worksheets for ones that I can print off and take with us on an upcoming trip so that we can still work on school, but not have to carry extra books with us.
Elementary Grammar Workbook Page
This year for Little Miss we are using a boxed curriculum, but there are some parts of it that I feel that they don’t go in depth enough with like Grammar.  I downloaded the Elementary Grammar workbook for her to work through.  Using this resource I can easily break it down into quick parts for each day, teach her the Grammar concept for the day and then let her write out her answers.  She is doing very well on the Grammar book and it is better for her to just work on one concept at a time.  I also love the Character Studies resource on this site.  I downloaded it and printed it out.  It took quite a few pieces of paper, but I feel that it is well worth it.  Little Miss has already worked through the first character trait presented in this study which is “Grateful.”  We discussed what the trait was and looked for it in our daily reading.   Through the worksheets on this trait she looked for it being demonstrated at home, at church, and just in general.  It lead to some good conversations and there was one particular day she was having a grouchy day and all I had to do was ask her if she was showing her character trait and she changed her attitude.  I love that what she is learning is sticking with her and she is focusing on showing it to others.   I also printed off one of the second grade review packets for her to do on our first day of school just to see what she remembered.  She had so much fun completing the packet that she wrote me a note at the end of it begging me to print off more packets like this.  So I have printed off more of the second grade review packets and a couple of the third grade review packets for her to work through on our upcoming trip.  I am also very excited about the Literature Studies on this site because they match some of the books we will be reading later this year so I put sticky notes in my curriculum to remind myself to print them off at the appropriate time.

I can honestly tell you that every time I look through the resources available for members I find something else I want to use.  I also find this site to be very helpful and encouraging as there are also resources for organization, classroom helps, an active forum where you can chat with other members and homeschoolers, and it links to their Facebook Group where you can also interact and ask questions you may have about homeschooling and the resources CHSH offers.  I feel like this site is an amazing price for what you get and once my annual subscription is up, I am highly considering purchasing the lifetime membership.  You definitely get a lot for very little money.  They do have free resources available for you to download on their website and  if you subscribe to their newsletter, she sends out more freebies.

You can find out all about by visiting their website.  There are also several places you can find them on Social Media – Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ Group, Google+ Business Page, Linked-In, and Tumblr.  You can learn more about the CHSH Download Club here.  I hope that you check out this resource for yourself and see if it works for your family.  My friends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been checking out this membership too so please go and find out what they found by clicking the banner below.
Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}

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