Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This is a difficult post for me because I am about to be very transparent with you.  It is always something I am afraid to do, but since this blog is my place to get my thoughts down and clear my head and I always want to be an honest blogger, I dare to bare my heart with you.  So please be nice if you choose to comment on this post.
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I have posted on my blog, a very long time ago, about my journey to get to a healthy weight for me.  I was doing really good about a year ago and then life happened.  Life hit me really, really hard starting in 2014 with the death of my grandma, Mammaw.  Then in 2015 I lost 2 very, very close friends a month apart followed by another personal situation involving very close friends.  I held it together and stayed on my weight loss journey for the most part until about October of 2015.  Then I very slowly started back into old, bad food habits.  Just a sugary treat here after a long day and a sip of soda there.  Eventually it lead to a comfort food meal here and there, a half a can of soda here and there, and then before I knew it I was more off of my eating plan than I was on it.  I knew that the weight I had lost was very slowly coming back, a pound here and there.  I kept telling myself that I would get back on my eating plan tomorrow.  Then something else hard would happen and know, it is a vicious cycle.  All this leads me to say that I am truly ready to get back on track with my eating and exercising so that I can get myself back to a healthy weight for me.  Please know that my doctor does approve of my eating plan and the amount of weight I want to lose.  She does agree that I need to lose it and that it would improve my health.  I am currently not unhealthy, but being at my current weight does affect my asthma negatively and shedding some pounds greatly helps me keep my asthma under control.

You might think I am out of my mind crazy, but I am planning my reboot to start tomorrow on December 1.  Seriously?  December?  Are you crazy?  Yes, but that is a whole different blog post....okay not really, but for me it is actually easier to get through the Holiday season with out over indulging in sugary treats if I know I have a plan.  So what is this crazy plan?
  1. Restart Trim Healthy Mama - This is the eating plan that I used before and while not everyone will agree with it or understand it, it works for me when I use it.  I like being able to eat normal foods and that my family can eat the same foods I do.  My family had no complaints about the meals before and I know they won't have any complaints now.  This way of eating is also easy for me because you focus on each individual meal and if I eat something off plan, I just eat something on plan for my next meal or snack and get myself back on track.  What will be different this time?  I will give myself more grace if I eat something off plan and realize that one slip doesn't ruin an entire plan.  
  2. Workout - I admit I am terrible about working out.  I really dislike formal workouts.  If my workout feels like fun?  I am all in.  I seriously, honest to goodness use video game workouts way more than I ever have used workout videos.  I have a Zumba game for my Wii (I am terrible at it, but have fun doing it) and a few sports Kinect games for our Xbox 360 that I use for workouts.  I need to dust those off and use them.  I am also going to through in some actual workout videos and do those too....while grumbling about not liking workouts.  πŸ˜  What will be different this time?  I will be intentional about working out somehow each day.  One thing that I am going to do is start this squat challenge.  I have done this in the past and while it is painful for a few days, it does firm up the flab.  
  3. Get My Steps In - This past summer I bought myself a Garmin Vivofit that tracks my steps for me and gives me a daily goal.  Some days I am great at getting my steps in and other days I have too much computer  work to get done or am helping with school and I don't get the steps in.  Starting tomorrow I plan to hit my step goal every day.  Even if it means I am walking circles around my kitchen island before bed, I will hit my step goal.  I dare say, if I have to I will even blow the dust off the treadmill and hit it each day.  What will be different this time?  I am determined to hit my step goal daily.
  4. Water - I have been terrible about getting my water in every day.  Water is so plain and boring, but it is what my body desperately needs.  I just really need to get in the habit of getting in at least 64 oz. of water a day.  This water should be in addition to any coffee or tea I have, not including them.  What will be different?  I will track my water intake and not just guess if I get it in.
This is where I am starting and this is what I am starting with.  I plan to check in here at least once a month and update my weight loss ticker.  I don't know about you, but I do better when I get a visual picture of what I want to do and that is what the ticker does for me.  If you have any health goals, I would love to hear about them and cheer you on.


  1. you CAN do it....I have all of the faith in the world and with the Lord's help you can do anything!!!

  2. Way to go Best Friend!! So proud of YOU!!!! Starting this spring we should plan a weekly girls day of walking, hiking or maybe even a run!! 😊

    1. YES!!! I do want to get into running. Maybe running with my Bestie would be the motivation I need to get past my dislike of running. :)


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