Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Barn Home - Before

Last Friday we closed on our new home, which is a barn and I was finally able to share that with everyone.  I have been having such a hard time not shouting it out to the world, but I wanted to make sure everything went through before I shared our exciting news.  Now I know you are all curious to see more of our barn and I am ready to share it with least the before pictures.
A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Barn Home
This is one view of the living room

Laundry room and that color...ick.
This is currently the tiny pantry

The kitchen

Other side of the kitchen

Guest bedroom...another one of this color, what were they thinking?

Another shot of the guest room

The other living room wall

Storage closet

First floor bathroom - it has a claw foot tub that I love!

1st floor bathroom has seen better days I'm sure.

Our wood burning stove with the brick all around that I love.

The dining room

Under the stairs

Another view of the dining room

Little Miss' room

Another shot of her room

She has a view of the pond

Looking out into the downstairs

Buddy's room

Another view of his room, he also has a view of the pond.

The loft....this will be a reading and sitting area.

Another view of the loft...I love the beams in here.

Another pic of the loft, can you tell I love this area?

I love the peg construction on the beam and those ax marks where the original builder back in 1900 cut the timbers for the barn....oh, the history there.
Upstairs is enormous!

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs bathroom

One area in the Master bedroom...we have a view that looks out over the other side of the pond.

This is a nook in the master bedroom that I think will be a sitting area.

Master closet - it's huge!

Master bedroom....that carpet came out, whew!

Beams over the living room

Looking up towards the loft

Another shot looking up to the loft...I love all the beams and wood in here.

I know it is a little rough looking and there is a lot of work to be done, but I can totally see how beautiful it is now and I can picture what it will look like when it is done.  I will definitely be sharing the progress with as we go, so keep checking back in.  What is your favorite feature that you see so far?  I would love to know.



  1. love it and I greatly am enjoying all of the pictures and watching the before and after all have already gotten a lot done in a few days

  2. Congrats on your new home! How exciting! I love all the handcrafted wood detail throughout.


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