Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Review of Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316

We are a family that loves games, puzzles, and challenges.  So as you can imagine we were very excited to receive Daily Bible Jigsaw from Planet 316 to review recently.  This fun and educational puzzle app is available on Google Play, Apple App Store, Facebook, and Facebook Gameroom.
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Planet 316 is a company on a mission to spread the Gospel through the use of technology and the games they have created.  They strive to make the Bible approachable for all ages by developing fun, interactive experiences that can help families connect.  They have developed computer games, apps, and videos that help children of all ages and adults learn and memorize Bible verses in fun ways.
Daily Bible Jigsaw is a fun, inspirational, and free app.  There is a new puzzle released every day for you to play.  Your goal is to solve the jigsaw puzzle in the fastest time.  Once you complete the puzzle, a daily Bible verse along with the reference is revealed.  If you complete the entire month of puzzles, you reveal a bonus picture and verse.  There are several tools available to help you with the puzzles if you need them
  • Rotate - This tool automatically rotates the pieces to the correct position.  
  • Guide - This tool shows you what the completed puzzle will look like.  
  • Sweep - This tool sweeps all the unused pieces to the outside of the screen so they are not in your way.
  • Magnet - This tool will randomly attach 2 pieces together to help you if you get stuck.
  • Edges - This tool shows only the edge pieces so you can put the outside of the puzzle together first.  
All of these tools require puzzle coins so that you can use them.  You can choose to purchase puzzle coins that allow you to play archived puzzles and use the puzzle tools available in the app.  You can also earn puzzle coins by completing various challenges in the app.   Planet 316 was very generous to give us 500 puzzle coins so that we could really explore this app.  The Daily Bible Jigsaw also offers bonus puzzles to play.  Some of the bonus puzzles are free to play and some require puzzle coins to play.  If you choose to play this as a Facebook game, you can challenge friends and enter a weekly tournament.  
Little Miss and I have had a lot of fun with this app on our iPad.  The puzzles are fun, encouraging, and truly inspirational.  Little Miss and I both loved seeing some of our favorite Bible verses added to the most adorable pictures - lambs, bunnies, puppies, and more.  It was a lot of fun for us to work the puzzle each day and then challenge each other to beat the other person's time.  We used the puzzle coins that were given to us to check out all the different tools we could use and to play archived puzzles so that we could earn the reward puzzle coins.  The puzzles were easy enough to complete without the tools so if I didn't have the puzzle coins already I wouldn't feel like I had to buy them for the tools.  The tools are a nice feature of the game though if you do get stuck solving a puzzle.  I chose not to connect this app to my Facebook account because of my personal preference to not spend a large amount of time on Facebook, but I must admit that I did miss challenging my Review Crew friends by not connecting it.  This is a fun app to play to unwind or to use when waiting for your turn on the computer like Little Miss did.  It is great for kids of all ages, especially if you love puzzles.
We will continue playing this app since we both love it and I love encourages Bible verse memorization.  You can find out more on Planet 316 on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can find out more about Daily Bible Jigsaw here or find it on Google Play, Apple App Store, Facebook, and Facebook Gameroom.  You can also find out more about what the Homeschool Review Crew thought about this app by clicking the link below, but before you read the reviews, I must confess that the adults of the Crew might have just as much if not more fun than our kids did.  Read on...
Daily Bible Jigsaw {Planet 316 Reviews}

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