Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Review of the Entire Level IV from ArtAchieve

I wish that I could teach my kids art, but the truth is I can't because this is one subject that I am just not good at.  Since my kids do love art and drawing, especially Buddy, I get excited to receive products like the Entire Level IV of art lessons from ArtAchieve to review.  These art lessons help me by giving my kids access to a subject that I can't teach.
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ArtAchieve believes that anyone can learn to draw and that it is an essential skill.  Their goal is to provide parents and students an approach to drawing that allows creativity while insuring successful drawing.  They believe there are many benefits to other areas of learning when your student learns to draw using their methods.  ArtAchieve uses images for their lessons from around the world and they even have Cross-Curricular Connections that show you how to tie these images to other subjects like geography, history, and literature so you can teach your students more about the subjects they are drawing.  Their lessons include a supply list, a warm-up, the art lesson - many are in both PowerPoint and video format so you can do the one that works best for your student, and a printout of the finished drawing for assessment.  The Entire Level IV is generally recommended for ages 10 and up.

The art lessons available in the Entire Level IV that we received include:
  • The Hawaiian Heliconia
  • The Ukrainian Face with Hidden Surprises
  • The Chinese Horse: Drawing the Entire Horse
  • The Albatross and the Galleon Ship
  • The Bangladesh Monster
  • Draw Like an Ancient Egyptian
  • The Convent in L'viv: Shading Angular Objects
  • The Stained Glass Nativity Window
  • The Rooftops of Zagreb
  • Drawing People with Degas
Buddy was excited to work on reviewing another level of ArtAchieve.  Last year when we reviewed this vendor, his skills really improved and he has practiced the methods taught by ArtAchieve and his drawing has improved even more.  The hardest part of this review was picking which drawing to begin with.  He ended up picking The Convent in L'viv drawing because he has been working on shading in his art lately.  I printed off the warm-up sheet for him and he enjoyed drawing the different parts while after he had watched the video and gotten a little bit of history about the convent.  After the warm-up, he began his work on the convent easily following the instructions of the video.  It took him about a half hour to draw the convent and get it just how he liked it.  Then he worked on the shading like the video discussed.  After he finished, Buddy reviewed his picture like it suggests and figured out that he shaded parts of it wrong.  It was good that the program had him review this part because he can see what he needs to change.  He decided that he will re-draw the convent so he can fixing the shading another time because he liked the way his drawing turned out.  Buddy also drew The Hawaiian Heliconia.  He used the Power Point version of the lesson for this one because he does like to switch back and forth between the videos and the Power Point (it is really a great option).  This lesson helped him work on his lines and color blending.  I think that his drawing turned out really well and it is very pretty.  Buddy has also started working the Nativity drawing.  He is taking his time with this one and he wants to get it just right (this means he won't let me share pictures of it with you yet).  He has also watched the video of the Chinese Horse drawing.  He wants to do this one, but we have been trying to figure out what box his drawing of the Chinese Horse from Level III is in because he wants to be able to compare the two since he has been working on his art. 
I love that ArtAchieve has made easy to follow lessons that I can let Buddy work on at his pace.  The lessons are easy to follow and very detailed.  I also like that if I want to go deeper on the lessons, I can use the Cross-Curricular Connections that ArtAchieve offers by using the suggested accompanying resources.  I really appreciate that ArtAchieve has done the work of figuring out the accompanying resources and how you can use them.  That is a huge benefit of these lessons to me because I don't have to try and figure out resources that go along with the art if I want to do a unit study for Buddy about one of the lessons.  We both really appreciate that each lesson tells you how to critique the work and what to look for so we can know what parts Buddy got right and sometimes what part he needs to work on more.  We really do enjoy all that ArtAchieve has to offer for Buddy and how his drawing is progressing by using these lessons.  We highly recommend checking out all the levels that ArtAchieve has to offer.  You can find out more about ArtAchieve and all the levels of art they offer on their website, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.  You can learn more about the Entire Level IV we received here.  We definitely suggest you check them out if you have inspiring artists in your house.  You can read more about many of the levels of art lessons from ArtAchieve that the Homeschool Review Crew has been using by clicking the banner below.
Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}

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