Saturday, May 13, 2017

This Week....

This week I have tried to sit down and write a few times.  This week is our first week of summer break.  This week my brain has been mush.  This week you get a random list of stuff floating in my head.
  1. We finished our school year and are on summer break.  This means a relaxed schedule and the only school work we do is review work.  
  2. We have been getting lots of things done around the house.  I just haven't gotten pictures of them all yet so that I can share with you.  I promise that post is coming.
  3. We finally bought curtains for our house, that is the good thing.  The down side of it is they all need to be altered due to the weird size windows we have.
  4. I'm finally teaching Little Miss to sew on the sewing machine.  Curtain alterations are a good thing to let her learn on.  Straight lines and thick material makes it easier to teach her.
  5. I only have 3 more rooms to paint in the new barn.  I'm starting to do the happy dance about that one.
  6. It's almost time for camping season to start.  I can almost smell the bon fire.
  7. I only have 2 crochet projects and 1 cross stitch project going right now.  If you have crafting attention problems like I do, you will realize how much self-control that shows on my part.
  8. This week I have been in my car a lot.
  9. This week was the first horse show of the season for the club we belong too.
  10. This week has flown by.
This week I kept it short and sweet.  
This week I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!!  

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