Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Review of Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Co-op

I admit it, I am a planner addict.  I need a planner to function and know what I have going on each day.  Usually I am a paper planner, hands-on kind of girl, but I have been trying out an online planner and it has my attention.  I recently got a chance to review Homeschool Planet from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and I can tell you that I am definitely impressed with it.
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Homeschool Buyers Co-op was founded in 2005 and it is a family-owned and operated business.  They are dedicated to providing homeschool families top quality curriculum at the lowest prices possible.  They have a wide variety of lesson plans and resources available for purchase through their website, which is free to join.  They also offer many weekly deals, group buys, and free resources on their website.  It is a site I had heard of the past, but did not join until this review and I can see that I have been missing out by not being a free member.  I am happy that I have joined their website and now have access to all they have to offer.
Adding to your planner is super easy with this prompt.
Homeschool Planet is an easy-to-use online homeschool planner that allows you to not only plan out your school lessons, but you can also use this planner to keep track of your day to day life for everyone in your family.  It features multiple views, separate login for each student, a daily digest emailed to each family member, lesson planning, attendance trackers, grading, transcript help, shopping lists, helpful widgets, and more.  It is a tool to give you a daily view of everything you have on your calendar and homeschool schedule.  It is available to purchase for just $65 a year (which is a discount if you pay for the whole year at once) or $6.95 per month.  If you just want to try it to see what it is all about you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.  Right now for the month of June, if you sign up for a free 30-day trial, you will receive a free lesson plan that you can link to your planner in Homeschool Planet.  Some of the lesson plans that are available for free with this offer are:

  • All About Spelling
  • BJU Press Math
  • Fix-It Grammar
  • LIFEPAC Bible
  • Mystery of History
  • Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible
  • Wordly Wise 3000
  • More...
Once I got access to my Homeschool Planet account it was super easy to start setting up my planner so it reflects what I need.  I first set up myself in my planner so that I can keep track of all my due dates, errands, and appointments.  Then I set up each of my kids so that I can start working on putting in lesson plans for them for the upcoming school year.  Lastly I put in my hubby so that I can add his important dates, appointments, and tasks to the planner too.  It is really nice to see all my family has going on in just one big calendar.  Next I started adding some upcoming events we have as a family and some appointments that I have for each of the kids.  Then I can click the calendar view and see all the events and appointments we have coming up for each month at once.  Homeschool Planet already had some categories set up as defaults for each thing that I add, but I can also easily add my own categories to cover each thing I add to our calendar.  After that I got access to my free lesson plan since it is the month of June.  Homeschool Buyers Co-op was very generous and allowed us to pick a free lesson plan too.  I chose Words That Matter: Advanced.  This will be for my son to use this fall for vocabulary since the Advanced level is for high school.  I am very excited to try out this program and it was super easy to add to my calendar.  I had to go in and set up our new homeschool year and then I just selected how I wanted to apply the lessons for Words That Matter.  I want my son to do one lesson a day for our school days and Homeschool Planet popped that in my calendar for me.  Now it will send this to my son every school day by email and he can click through the email to get to the lesson.  The best part of that lesson is that it will be graded automatically for me....SCORE!

This site even walks you through adding lesson plans to your calendar, making it super easy.
The more I get to looking around on Homeschool Planet, the more tools I find for making this online planner mine.  They have cool widgets in the sidebar that I got to choose.  So each day I see a quote of the day, a task list (I can add tasks for each member of my family there), a shopping list so I can add groceries we need as I think of them, and I chose to add a Bible widget so I get a verse of the day.  I was also able to customize my theme for my planner and make it pretty for me.  I like that I can view this planner multiple ways.  There is calendar view which lets me see what is going on for a whole month at a time, planner view which shows me only a specific day, and resource view which shows me the resources I need to gather for my lesson plans.  This program emails us a daily digest if we have tasks or events for the day (eventually when our school year starts it will email my kids their lesson plans for the day - I just have it sent to my email and they can click through there).  There is a weekly digest to so you can see what is coming up for the week.  They do have mobile versions available so I can see my planner on the go.  I have not looked into this feature yet, but I do plan to so I can carry my calendar with me everywhere, which would be hard to do with my paper planner which is bulky.  I am in the process of adding both of my kids school lessons to this online planner.  We are still deciding some of the materials they will use this fall, but I am adding them as I figure them out.  Lesson plans are easy to add.  They are super easy if you purchase a lesson plan from the co-op as you just have to apply them to your calendar.  If you put in your own, they are still easy to add as this planner walks you through each step.  
I like being able to add extra categories I need for my family.

This is my sidebar of widgets!

This is the Daily Bible Verse widget, this happens to be today's verse.

This is calendar view.

This is the daily digest email you get.

This is the planner view.

I could go on and on and tell you how much I am enjoying each little detail of Homeschool Planet, but I really think it is something you need to try for yourself.  I still like my paper planner, but I am truly LOVING my Homeschool Planet.  You can find out more about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ pages.  You can learn more about Homeschool Planet by clicking here.  Don't forget if you sign up for a free 30-day trial account by the end of June, you get a free lesson plan and that is a great deal!  You can read more about this planning tool and how my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew have been using it by clicking the banner below.  
Homeschool Planet {Homeschool Buyers Co-op Reviews}

*This post does contain Referral Links.  In this case, I do not receive money for clicking the links, but I do receive points to my Homeschool Buyers Co-op Account.  I can take those points I receive and use them to purchase plans off of the co-op site.  


  1. Our online connection is spotty/unreliable. However, any intrigue died with the price. A yearly planner would be over $80 and like you, I'm a hands on type of person. Even considering just a school year would be over $60. I recently bought three planners for high school and paid that much for four years. It just doesn't add up for me. Sorry, but glad it works for you.

    1. They do offer a lot more for the price than just the planner. There are a lot of benefits that I didn't get the chance to talk about with this one. I understand that price rules it out for some.


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