Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Review of UnLock Geometry from UnLock Math

Buddy finished up 8th grade and Algebra I this spring so I have been keeping my eyes open for his next math curriculum.  I was very curious to see how UnLock Geometry from UnLock Math would work for him when we recently got the chance to review it.  We received a one-year subscription to this online program so that we could see what it is all about.
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UnLock Math was developed from the teaching passion of Alesia Blackwood.  She is a certified mathematics teacher who has developed a way of making math fun and engaging by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks that students can understand better.  UnLock Math is unique because of the engaging teaching videos, advanced assessment, immediate feedback on each question, fully explained answers, unlimited practice, unlimited review, and students only see one question at a time.  Also there is a gradebook and progress reports that make it easy to track your student's progress and grade.  They currently offer: UnLock Pre-Algebra, UnLock Algebra1, UnLock Algebra2, and UnLock Geometry.  They are in the process of developing courses for UnLock Pre-Calculus and UnLock Calculus.  You can purchase a monthly plan for their courses for just $49 a month or an annual plan for just $299.  They also have discounts if you have siblings that will be taking courses as well.
Buddy working through a lesson
We received the UnLock Geometry which is their newest course.  It is their first course to offer feedback after every question for the students.  It divides Geometry into 14 units for your student to work through.  Each unit is then divided into several lessons for your student to master.  Each lesson begins with warm-up questions then it proceeds to the video lesson presented by a certified mathematics teacher.  After the video lesson, there are practice problems and stay sharp problems for your student to complete.  There is also a challenge question for them to get them thinking deeper.  Each lesson also includes reference notes which is the video transcript in print form that students can read and refer to when they need it.  Each lesson is takes about 30 minutes to work through and if you were working on this program daily, it could be completed in about 9 months.  Buddy worked on this program 3 days a week since we are in "Summer Mode" in our school which means we do work just a few days a week to keep our minds fresh.  Just working a few days a week he was able to complete most of unit 1 which focuses on the  prerequisite skills for Geometry and some of the quizzes for the unit.  He will continue working on this program throughout the rest of summer so that he has a little bit of a head start on math when we begin our official school year this fall.
UnLock Math
Buddy is giving UnLock Geometry a mixed review.  There are parts that he really likes and there are a couple of things he doesn't particularly care for.  Before I go on I must tell you that he is my very black and white stick to the same old routine kid so please take his opinion with a grain of salt.  Buddy really like the teaching portion of this program.  He said the teacher did a very good job of explaining the concepts in the video and she was very clear about what she was teaching.  He thought her examples were good and showed exactly what was expected in each lesson.  He felt like he was really learning the concepts.  The part he didn't like is all the 6 separate steps.  He liked that it gave you a route to complete, but he felt that some of the steps could be combined so that each lesson didn't take so long.  He also disliked that when you are are working some of the problems you have to click "Verify" before you click next to go on to the next problem.  If you didn't click "Verify," it would count the problem incorrect even if you got the right answer.  He understood that this was one way the program was set up to help you make sure you understood how you got your answer.  It really, really frustrated him that he had the right answer, but got it wrong because he forgot to hit "Verify."  This caused his overall score to be really low on his login screen because the program only counts the first time you do the problems for the score, even though he would go back and re-work the problems and get 100%.  So his overall grade was higher, but the grade it shows him was not accurate because of this.
You "UnLock" the lessons once you complete all the parts of them.
As a parent, I think that UnLock Geometry is a good program.  I liked how it broke the lessons into smaller parts and required Buddy to complete several steps to complete the lesson.  I felt like this made it where he couldn't rush through the lesson just to get it done.  I liked the videos and the explanations.  They were very thorough and detailed.  I appreciated that each unit was broken down into several lesson.  I think this helps ensure that each concept is fully grasped before moving on.  I truly do understand Buddy's frustration about the "Verify" button.  This is new to him as his other math program didn't have this extra step so remembering to hit this first would take more time to get used to.  I did email the company about why his grade was not refreshed on his screen when he was re-doing the work.  A few hours after I emailed them, they called me and explained that there system took a little while to process that he had redone the work and on their end it was showing that he had a better grade than what he was seeing.  I did appreciate speaking to them and that they addressed my concerns and felt that they truly do want to make sure customers understand their system and use it correctly.  I really like this program and when we start up school again n the fall, I will have Buddy work through more UnLock Geometry because I think it is a sound program for teaching Geometry.
These are the units your student will study in UnLock Geometry
I would definitely recommend that you check out all of the math courses that UnLock Math has to offer, especially their UnLock Geometry that we got to review.  You can learn more about them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  You can learn more about the UnLock Geometry course by clicking here.  You can also learn more about UnLock Math and the courses they offer by clicking on the banner below and checking out the reviews of my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew.  We all got to review different courses so you will want to check out their blogs to find out how the other courses worked for them.
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