Friday, June 2, 2017

Dear Homeschool Mom...

Dear Homeschool Mom,

I'm just sitting here thinking of you and I wanted to offer you some encouragement today.  I know you are sitting there thinking about your school.  I know you are probably like me and you tend to dwell on all the things that went wrong this last school year, but before you get caught in that trap of thinking of all the bad things...STOP!!!  This summer instead of focusing on all the little negative things from your school,  I want you to focus on the positive things that happened this year.  What were the good things from school this year?  Was it - learning to hold a pencil properly, learning letter sounds, learning to read, putting punctuation in the proper place, finally grasping math concepts, finishing school every day, going on a field trip - I could list a million little things.  Celebrate the little parts of school, the small victories and the steps you take in a forward direction.  Don't just focus on the bad day, the lesson they didn't understand, or the tasks you didn't get done.  Celebrate the fact that you taught your child lessons this year and they learned from those lessons.  Focus on the time you got to spend with your children teaching the subjects and lessons you think are important for them to learn.  Dwell on the new skills your children have and the things they know now.  Take a moment and be thankful that you get to teach your children when they are the most receptive to learning.  When you catch your breath and see that so much more went right last year than what went wrong, smile and know you are doing a good job.  This homeschooling thing isn't always easy and sometimes we feel like we are doing it all wrong, but I assure you that you are getting it right more often than you ever know.  You may not see it right now when you are in the middle of the mess, but one day you will reap the rewards and be so grateful you chose this journey for your family.  So hang in there Mom!  You are not alone on this journey.  Just take a breath and choose to see the bright side today.

(A Fellow Homeschool Mom who sometimes gets tripped up by focusing on all the wrong things)
Dear Homeschool Mom ...
P.S. If you need a little extra encouragement this week.  Click on the picture above to read some letters from my Homeschool Review Crew Friends.


  1. Thank you. We start high school in August and I'm trying to remain calm. This message is a good reminder.

  2. Focusing on the positive is always good advice. Thank you for the reminder!


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