Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer Series: Crochet 101 - Part 2

Happy Friday!!!  I am finally back with Part 2 of my Summer Series on Crochet 101.  If you missed Part 1 you can find it here.
This week I am talking about yarn labels.  If you have ever picked up a ball or skein of yarn you know they have a label wrapped around them.  It looks like this...
....but what does all of that mean.  This label tells you the yarn weight - it is a bulky yarn.  It tells you an approximate gauge size if you use the hook they recommend - in this case using a 9mm hook, if you made a 4"x4" square you would make 11 stitches in each row and in that size you should get 16 rows.  They recommend an 8 mm hook or size L (this is just a recommendation).  Then the bottom row is washing instructions.  You will also find the lot information on the label...what?
This shows the lot number where it says lot.  If you are doing a project that requires more than one skein of yarn, you want this number to match up on each skein you pick up.  If the numbers match, it means they were dyed in the same batch of dye.  If the numbers don't match, they were dyed at different times and they will look similar, but might have variations.  This part of the label also tells you the color name which is helpful to know.  Different brands of yarn call the same color different names.

That is pretty much it.  A nice quick break-down of the yarn label.  I will be back early next week with the instructions for getting started on crocheting.  I hope to see you then.

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