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A Review of the USA Activity Bundle from The Crafty Classroom

Little Miss is getting ready to go into 4th grade this fall and this is the year we start to focus on geography.  I want to make sure she learns all about the USA, the states, and state capitals.  This is why I was very excited to receive the USA Activity Bundle from The Crafty Classroom to review recently.  This activity bundle includes the U.S.A. State by State Activity Notebook, U.S.A. State Birds Art Cards, and U.S.A. 50 State Mazes for your student to work through and it is available for just $15.
USA Activity Bundle, The Crafty Classroom
The Crafty Classroom is a website that offers all kinds of curriculum, crafts, tutorials, printables, freebies, and classroom setup resources.  Their products are mostly for students 3rd grade and under, but some of them can be used with older students.  They have products for math, Bible, geography, science, reading, and more.  It is a website that I would highly recommend checking out especially if you have younger students because there are so many great options on it.  All of the products in their store are sold as downloads to help reduce the cost to the buyers and you can print off their products for all the students in your household.  They even offer options if you would like to use their products for homeschool groups, co-ops, and classrooms.

The U.S.A. State by State Activity Notebook has 50 state activity pages.  Each state page has mapping activities for your student to complete like marking the capital, rivers, and landmarks.  Each page also has your student learn the capital of the state, the state abbreviation, the state nickname, the state bird, and state flower.  Your student will also learn the order of the states added to the U.S.A. and there is room for them to write in interesting facts about the state.   There is also a picture of the state flag for them to color.  There are also two bonus games at the end of the book for your students to play and help reinforce what they have learned.
The U.S.A. State Birds Art Cards includes 27 birds for your student to learn about.  There are only 27 because many states have the same state bird as others do.  This book has a detailed colored picture of the state bird along with a picture for your student to color.  It also has a fact card for your student to fill out and memory matching cards to help your student learn about the birds.  The pictures are very detailed and pretty.

The U.S.A. 50 State Mazes are 50 pages of mazes.  There is a maze for each state.  They go perfectly with the State by State Activity Notebook to help teach your student the shapes of each state so they can find it on the map.
Little Miss was pretty excited to receive the USA Activity Bundle to work on.  Her big brother loves geography and she always tells me that she wants to learn about it so she can be like him.  I printed her off the first few sheets in each of the three booklets after I got them downloaded.  She started on the U.S.A. 50 State Mazes because she couldn't wait to get her hands on those.  I was a little worried that the mazes would be too easy for her, but they are actually just right for her.  They have tricked her more than once and I thought she was trying to trick me when she told me she couldn't find the right way out.  I sat down to help her on one of the mazes and I was very impressed with them.  They are very well done and you can't just quickly see the way out of the maze.  We had to trace the path several times to find the right way out.  I really appreciate that they challenge her and make her work to get to the end.  Next she worked on the U.S.A. State Birds Art Cards.  She loved the colored picture of the bird that she could look at so she knew how to color her bird and it helped her be able to look up the bird online to learn some facts about it (with my guidance of course).  She liked learning more about the birds that she worked on and she was eager to share the facts she learned with her dad each night when he got home.  Then she went to work on the U.S.A. State by State Activity Notebook.  She liked these pages because she got to learn the important facts of each of the states she worked on.  I helped her look up each state and get to an appropriate website to get the facts for each state.  The Crafty Classroom does have a recommended book that they suggest in the beginning of the notebook, but I didn't get my hands on that one yet so we used the Internet.  Little Miss loved learning the details about the states and she especially loved learning what number the state was added to the U.S.A.  That little detail just really stuck out to her.  The sheets were easy for her to break into sections and since it is summer time I allowed her to do that.  The days she sat down to work on the whole worksheet at once, it only took her about 30 minutes to complete.

Little Miss loved this activity bundle.  She has finished 10 mazes, 5 birds, and 7 state pages.  She is looking forward to finishing the rest in school this year.  I will combine these activity pages with a few other resources I have and turn it into a geography curriculum for her to work on.  The USA Activity Bundle is not a complete geography curriculum by itself, but it would pair nicely with many other curriculum to supplement them or it would stand alone as just review of the U.S.A.  I was pleasantly surprised by this activity bundle because I was worried that it would be too easy for Little Miss since she is going into 4th grade.  It turned out that it did challenge her some and I made her dig deeper for her facts for the birds and the states because I told her she couldn't just use the first fact about each thing she found.  I told her to find something unique for her fact so that she had to read more and learn more.  Don't be fooled just because this product says third grade and down, it can be used for older students too if you require more.  Little Miss and I both recommend that you check into the USA Activity Bundle if you want your student to learn more about the U.S.A.

You should definitely check out the website for The Crafty Classroom because they have a multitude of products they offer.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  You can learn more about the USA Activity Bundle we received here.  If you want to learn more about some of the different products that The Crafty Classroom offers, you should click the banner below to read the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew.  We got to try several of the products that they offer so the reviews will reflect that and I will be checking them out too.
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