Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 Menu Plan

I am so sorry I am so late posting the menu for July.  The Holiday weekend kind of got away from me.  Hubby was home all weekend and we were busy having fun and getting projects around the house done.  I got so busy working on other things and playing that I totally forgot to post a menu.  Even though it is late, here it is:
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  1. Out to Eat
  2. Salad
  3. Tortellini and Meatball Soup
  4. Hamburgers with corn on the bob
  5. Cheesy Vegetable Chowder
  6. Mini Meatball Pasta Bake
  7. Pizza
  8. Southwest Quinoa Power Bowl
  9. Miss Cindy's Burger Bowls
  10. One Pot Burrito Bowls
  11. Crunchy Taco Cups
  12. Out to Eat
  13. Korean Beef Bowls
  14. Stromboli
  15. Chicken Enchilada Quinoa Bake
  16. Beef and Bean Taco Casserole
  17. Sushi Rice Bowls
  18. Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake
  19. Crockpot Beans and Rice
  20. Chicken Tortilla Soup
  21. Fooled Ya Pizza
  22. Southwest Quinoa Wrap
  23. Buffalo Chicken Bowls
  24. Beef and Sweet Potato Chowder
  25. Slow Cooker Asian Glazed Chicken
  26. Stuffed Pepper Soup
  27. Meatball Parmesan
  28. Pizza Casserole
  29. Campfire Foil Sausage and Vegetables
  30. Sausage, Kale, and Bean Soup
  31. Crockpot Mexican Lasagna Stack Up
As always you can find many of the recipes for this menu plan on my July Menu Plan board on Pinterest.  If the recipe isn't there, then it is one I made up or something I don't really need a recipe for.  What is for dinner at your house this month?

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