Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Review of The Greatest Inventors from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks

Little Miss is a hands-on student.  I have noticed that she learns best when she studies something and then does a project for a subject or creates something from what she studied.  This is why I was excited to receive The Greatest Inventors from A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks for us to review recently.  Lapbooks have been great for her so I thought she would like learning about famous inventors by creating a specific lapbook all about them.
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A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks is owned and operated by Paula Winget and Nancy Fileccia.  They are two homeschool moms who saw and felt a need for their own homeschooling purposes which they decided to turn into a business since they thought others could benefit from their need too.  Their website offers many different topical lapbooks, curriculum lapbooks, unit studies, copywork, and notebooking for your homeschool needs.
The Greatest Inventors lapbook we received covers 18 great inventors and their inventions.  It includes a study guide for reading and learning about the inventors and projects to do for each inventor for the lapbook.  The projects have students write about the inventor and their invention.  Sometimes it does this by asking a specific question and other times it is an area for the student to free write.  There are a couple of extra little projects they can do to help them better understand some of the inventors or their invention.  There is even a project where they get to decide on something they will invent.  At the end of the lapbook, there are several resources for deeper study of the inventors if you choose to do so.  These resources include a reading log, a book report form, a form for taking notes, an outline form, and a narration form for using with younger students.  It even includes a list of other books you can read to learn more.  This lapbook sells for as a download for just $8.00 or as a print version for just $18 and it can be used for students in 2nd through 7th grade.
Little Miss was excited to hear that she would be creating another lapbook.  I started out by downloading this lapbook and then reading through the instructions of how to put it together.  I helped her get her file folders folded the right way and then she did the gluing together.  The book recommends using 3 different colored file folders, but I only had plain file folders on hand to use.  This was okay with Little Miss because I told her that she could make the background decorations on the file folders to make each one unique.  Then I printed off the pages for her to read and the projects for her to complete.  I gave her the pages for the inventors one at a time and she would read all about the inventor and then do the project for her lapbook.  Little Miss chose to glue a few of the finished projects in the lapbook at a time rather than putting them in the instant she finished them.  She really liked reading about the inventors and what they invented.  She read about what an invention is and started thinking about what she may invent one day.  She also had to write about what she learned about what an invention is for her lapbook activity.  She has since read and completed the projects for Johannes Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin, John Deere, Wilbur and Orville Wright, Guglielmo Marconi, George Eastman, Louis Braille, and Eli Whitney.  She has enjoyed learning about their achievements and it has given us a chance to discuss these inventions too.  She will finish this lapbook over the next couple of weeks by reading about the 10 other inventors and completing the projects for them.
Overall Little Miss has liked this lapbook project.  She likes that the passages aren't too long and she likes learning about the inventions we use and the people who created them.  She has said that she wishes she got to do more for the project than just write about what she read about, but there are some little side projects we are going to work on coming up for these inventors.  We skipped over a couple of them because I didn't have egg cartons to make a typeset at the time and also because I wanted to a couple of them when we are fully in school because it fits with what we will be learning for history.  The only other complaint Little Miss had with this lapbook was that there were no women inventors in it.  So my answer to her was that she needs to become an inventor!  I have liked how easy this lapbook was for her to work on over the summer and that I can add more to it for her by having her check out extra resources.  I definitely plan to check out some of their other lapbooks and unit studies to see what fits in with our school this year.  You can learn more about A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks and all they have to offer on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram pages.  You can learn about The Greatest Inventors lapbook we received here.  You should also check out the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew by clicking the banner below because we got to review many different products from this company.  I will be taking a look at the reviews to see which lapbooks I need to put on my list of things to purchase.
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  1. nicely written review, my son has enjoyed this study as well.


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