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A Review of Phonics Museum App from Veritas Press

Even though both of my kids have been reading for years, I still like to check out products for younger children.  I like to know what products are out there for younger children and I have a lot of friends with young children.  This is why I was interested in receiving the new Phonics Museum App from Veritas Press to review.
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Veritas Press is a company that was developed as homeschool parents saw the need for a better Classical Christian Curriculum.  They researched many products that were on the market when they were homeschooling their children and became convinced they wanted to teach history chronologically with the Bible integrated into recorded history.  They started developing their products based on the fact that they wanted their children to know the relationship between what they study in "history books" and what they read in the Bible.  Veritas Press has grown tremendously since they started their journey and they now offer many curriculum choices, online classes, the Veritas Press Scholars Academy and now an App to help children learn to read.  The Phonics Museum App is available through iTunes.
The Phonics Museum App is all about teaching kids to read.  it is designed specifically with kids ages 3-7 in mind, but can be used for other ages too.  This app takes children into a museum, but this is not any ordinary museum.  It is one where everything comes to life, even the suit of armor, Percival.  Children are told that they can touch and explore everything in this museum.  As kids start looking around the museum, they find 10 floors of activities to work on.  There are also videos, songs, games, books, and activities for your child to complete.  They can venture through the museum at their own pace and they can even play the games for practice in the game area once they unlock them.  Fun characters like Percival, Miss Biddle, William, and Wendy help the kids learn their letter sounds, sing songs, read books, and teach them about history, art, and animals.  They also practice writing skills, writing the alphabet, letter sounds, and reading.  There are a couple of options for purchasing this app after the free 2 week trial they offer.  You can purchase a monthly subscription with unlimited access for up to 3 children for just $9.99 a month or you can purchase an annual subscription with unlimited access for up to 3 children for just $99 a year.
We received the annual subscription to Phonics Museum to review.  Even though my daughter knows how to read, she was happy to help me out and try out this app.  I also played it as well just to see what it is all about.  Once I got the app all downloaded and set up, Little Miss was more than happy to play on it.  It starts out with an introduction of where to go and what to do that is very easy to understand.  Your character walks into the elevator and then you can push the button for the floor of the museum you are working on.  Of course we started at floor one, the beginning.  I could not find a way to skip floors or go on to other floors without completing each floor.  Percival met us on floor one and told us that we can touch the paintings and learn about the alphabet.  When we touched the painting, it gives us a series of videos, songs, and games to unlock.  You watch a video that explains what will be taught.  This unlocks the next task which is sometimes an activity and sometimes a song.  Then you complete that to unlock the next task.  You continue doing this until you finish all the activities for that painting.  Some of the games have you practice line shapes, some have you picking out certain objects to complete a task, and some have you writing letters.  Once you have finished with the painting, you end up in the museum looking at the painting again and from there you can choose to move on to the next painting or you can go back to the main area and play the games you unlocked again.  While you are in these areas you meet Miss Biddle who work at the museum and she teaches you about many things.  Sometimes Miss Biddle is a cartoon character and sometimes she is a real person.  We learned about letter sounds, interesting history facts, and things like what a mummy is from her.  Miss Biddle is fun to watch, full of encouragement, and easy to understand.  The overall pace of this app would be just right for a preschool or kindergarten age child.  It would also be perfect if you had a struggling reader.  We each worked through several areas and can’t wait to get to the higher floors of the museum.
Overall all if your child doesn’t know how to read or is just starting to read this would be a great app to use with them.  It is fun, entertaining, and you always want to do the next task.  We had a hard time putting it down because it is fun and we were waiting to see what was next on our adventure.  Some of the things I really liked as a parent were  that the app automatically saves your progress and it sends progress report emails to the email you signed up with.  I also liked  that you have to use your email and password to log in to this app every time you want to access it so the kids can’t just get into this app by themselves.  Also if you want to get into the settings to add a child or change between child accounts, you have to answer a math question.  This adds a layer of protection for younger students not to be able to change the settings which I liked.  Even though my daughter is older, she didn’t mess with the settings even though she would have been able to answer the math questions.  I liked all the different characters and that each character speaks slowly and clearly so you can understand them completely.  Little Miss liked all the tasks she could complete and the little games in the museum.  She had fun practicing her letters and using her finger to “write” on our iPad.  She thought the story was fun and entertaining.  She said that should could see her younger cousins having fun with this app along with her piano teacher’s daughter who is  3.  I can’t wait for our next piano lesson this fall so I will have something to entertain the teacher’s daughter with while Little Miss is working on piano.
One of the emails I got on Little Miss' progress.
I think this is a great app for teaching little ones their letter sounds and to read.  I would have definitely considered purchasing it when my daughter was younger because it is something she could have worked on while I worked with her older brother on school.  You can find out more about the Phonics Museum App from Veritas Press on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You can learn more about the app we received here.  As always you can see what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew are saying about the Phonics Museum App by clicking on the banner below.
Phonics Museum App {Veritas Press Reviews}

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