Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Faves: Crochet Edition

It's Friday!!!  Whoop, whoop!!!
Friday Faves, A Glimpse of Normal. Crochet
We have been busy, busy, busy around the house this week.  We are trying to get some outside projects finished before school starts and fall sets in.  Yesterday and today around where we live it has been unseasonably cool, break out the sweatshirt during the day kind of cool.  This made me want to just sit and crochet all day, but I couldn't.  Instead I thought about projects I want to do.  If you have ever seen my Pinterest board for crochet you know that it contains way more pins than I have time, but I guess that is the fun of Pinterest.  So then I got to thinking about my favorite crochet blogs and decided to share them with you today.  These are the blogs I follow because they have great patterns and tutorials.  They are also great places for inspiration and I would love to be as talented as these ladies are some day.  So without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite crochet blogs:
  • Repeat Crafter Me - One day I want to be able to crochet as fast as she does.  This was probably one of the first crochet blogs I started to follow because she creates the cutest projects.  
  • The Unraveled Mitten - This blog is one I found recently, but I am in love with her patterns and she always uses the cutest yarn.  She also has great tutorials.
  • One Dog Woof - I found this blog through Pinterest searching and love so many of the patterns she puts up.  She is very creative.
  • Hopeful Honey - This lady comes up with the most beautiful stitches.  I love to see what she is working on and hope to learn from her skills.
  • Petals to Picots - She has a great weekly round-up for inspiration along with her own beautiful designs.  She also has tutorials that are very helpful.
Do you follow any crochet blogs?  Which ones are your favorite?  I probably don't need anymore items on my to do someday list, but I always take a look.

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