Thursday, August 17, 2017

I'm Not Ready

This week is typically the week we head back to school, but we aren't this year.  I could give you a whole list of reasons why we aren't going back to school yet, but honestly it just boils down to....
A Glimpse of Normal, Not Ready, Back to School
Yes, you read that right.  I am not ready yet.  Our summer has went by way too fast and I have been so busy that I don't think I have everything I need to get our school going yet.  I have at least half of each of curriculum for my kids and I have an idea of what I need to finish getting, but I just haven't done it yet.  I need to take a day and sit down to wrap it all up, but we just got back from vacation and my brain has not cooperated yet.  So this year we are pushing back the start of school until after Labor Day.  While I felt a little guilty for doing this at first, I decided that I wasn't going to push rushing back to school.  This would have just been chaos and that is the last way I want to start school.  So I am giving myself a little more time to get ready, a few more days for the kids to play, and a chance for us to ease into school rather than rushing in to a flurry.  Once I get it all figured out, I will come and share our curriculum for the year, but until then I am off to do some planning....


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