Friday, August 11, 2017

More About Mae

I introduced you to our new wonder pup, Mae, earlier this year in this post.  I have to tell you that she is the sweetest dog we have ever had.  I have loved every single dog we have ever had in our home, but Miss Mae has truly just captured our hearts.  She is a rescue dog and I have a new place in my heart for rescue dogs.
A Glimpse of Normal, Mae, Rescue Dog
Mae was bought as a new puppy by a couple.  They surrendered her to an animal shelter because she chewed things and she had accidents.  To me this is just being a puppy, but if you have never raised a puppy before it would be frustrating.  The animal shelter she was given to works with a vet tech school a couple of hours away from us so that the vet tech students can learn.  The vet tech school then works to get the animals adopted by the staff, students, and friends/family of the students.  This is how we got Mae, we know a student in this program.  When the student we know heard we were ready to get a dog again, she said, "I have the perfect dog for you."  We were looking for a dog that could be active with us, but then turn around and chill out with us too.  The dog had to be excellent with kids and not be afraid of strangers (we love to have friends over).  We were looking for a medium size dog.  Those were pretty much the basics of what we were looking for and to us the breed didn't really matter.  So after talking to our student friend, we filled out our application.  Then we got the call to come and meet Mae.  Oh my goodness, she walked in the room, walked up to the kids and licked their hands.  She then quickly made friends with the kids and she loved on hubby and me too.  We found out that she is very patient, she loved people, and she was so good she would sit in the classroom as the vet tech students were having class.  She just loved being near people.  There was one other person scheduled to meet Mae and the vet in charge of the program ultimately got to decide which home was the best choice for Mae.  Of course you already know that we got the phone call to let us know, we had a puppy to bring home.
Bringing Mae home was a little bit of an adventure.  She did not really care for her first big car ride and spent a good 30 minutes of the ride in my lap, glued to me.  We finally got her calmed down and sitting between the kids.  She was okay as long as they talked to her.  Her first couple of nights were rough as she adjusted to being with us.  She just wanted her people close to her all the time.  She still does love to have her people close.  Most of the time when I blog, I have a blogging assistant who lays right by my computer chair patiently waiting for me to finish.  She brings her food over to where we are eating so she can eat with us.  She loves to lay in the living room where she can see us all.
We quickly figured out that due to Mae's background, she spent most of her early life in a cage/kennel/crate (whichever you prefer to call it).  So she is just learning to play.  She won't really chew on toys except for one.  The other toys she has she pulls the fur off of them, but won't play with them.  She also chews the fuzz off of tennis balls and she will go to it if you throw it, but she isn't interested in fetching it.  She has learned new tricks and she loves getting rewarded for being good.  She can sit, shake, stay, and sit up pretty.  Mae is very obedient and for the most part stays close by us when we are outside, she does have her determined moments when she gets on the trail of a chipmunk or the geese, but those are rare.  She responds to commands and knows where she should be.  She likes other dogs and has become good friends with Liberty and Tucker.  Mae loves her peoples and is definitely loved by us too.  I am sure there are days that Mae gets loved on too much, if that is possible for a dog.
Mae is so well behaved and mellow.  She goes with the flow and is adjusting well.  She still gets a little worried when we go away, but every time we come home it reassures her that she is staying.  If you have ever thought about rescuing a dog, I would encourage you to check out the dogs available to rescue.  Our rescue dog is loyal, loved, and sweet as can be.  .

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