Thursday, August 31, 2017

Our Barn Home: Progress Part 6

Just last week I showed you some of the progress we have made outside on our dream barn home.  Then I decided to jump into some projects and do more outside work...more on that next week.  In that post from last week I told you that I had been working on my laundry room and I would share that with you so that is what I am here to do today.  Let's chat about my laundry room....  This is a room that I really disliked in the barn.  Not that I don't need a laundry area, I definitely need it.  I just strongly disliked how it was "decorated" and it really bugged me.  I put "decorated" in quotes because I am not sure you can call 3 or 4 different paint colors in one small room decorated.  Anyway, this laundry room makeover has been rolling around in my head and somewhere on my Pinterest boards since we first looked at the barn.  Yes, I thought about making over the laundry area even before we purchased this house.  My friends are probably really laughing right about now reading this because those who know me closely have heard me say that I would rather clean toilets than fold laundry.  Let's just say I don't spend more time than I have to in the laundry area, but I do make sure that we always have clean clothes and I am the one who typically washes the clothes, then it is a joint effort between the kids and I for folding duties.  I tell you all this to let you know that I really, really disliked the before of our laundry area.  The makeover got rolling when we we had some friends offer to come up and help in a part of the house.  They are super sweet and wanted to bless us so when I showed them a few of the minor projects that we had, they chose to clean my laundry room to prep it for the makeover for me.  They scrubbed the walls and ceiling.  They cleaned the floor and cleaned behind my washer and dryer.  It looked so much better just being clean and ready for me to start the makeover.  I got the ball rolling by applying a new paint color to the laundry room.  In the pictures you will see that I have a couple of areas to touch up and I still have to paint in the window sill.  I am just waiting for a rainy day for this work.  Next up, I stained some wood boards for shelving.  Staining is actually a lot of fun and I enjoyed that project.  Buddy spray painted the hardware for the shelves and my ironing board area.  Then Handsome Hubby with Buddy's help hung my shelves for me.  He also moved some of the duct work for me that was taking up major space in the laundry area.  Then I stained a wood crate for holding my iron which Buddy hung up on the wall for me.  Lastly, Little Miss arranged the shelves for me.  I realized that we have a ton of cleaning products and I really need to go through them on a rainy day.  Now I have a laundry room that is pretty and I don't mind being in there.  I even folded clothes in there the other day!  There are still a couple of little things to get done like changing out the flooring and finding a light fixture that I like, but those things will get done later on.  We are changing the other end of the room in our next major renovation project so it doesn't make sense to change out the floor right now.

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The before....there are at least 3 different paint colors here and there was a cabinet we ripped out that had the 4th color.

This is one of the boards I stained for shelves.
The After...painted a nice soft gray.

My shelf brackets that Buddy spray painted for me.
My ironing area....I am missing a plate cover that is hiding at the moment.  

What do you think?  Do you like the changes I made?  Check back next week to see how we made major changes with just a few hours of work to the outside of our house.

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