Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mission Possible: October Decluttering

I don't know about you, but some days the "stuff" in my house just overwhelms me.  I am not a hoarder, but if I am not careful my house will look like I am.  I wish I could tell you that I am a minimalist, but I am not sure that lifestyle fits me either.  What I do know is that if things are not in their place in my house, it starts to spiral downward fast and then I am left with an entire day of cleaning rather than just a few hours.  We are in the process of getting ready for some pretty big renovation projects, gutting the kitchen down to the studs renovation projects, and if I don't get my house in order before these things happen, I might lose my mind. 
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This all lead me, much to my hubby's delight, to needing to do some decluttering.  What is decluttering?  It is getting rid of the things you don't need, don't love, and don't use.  It is getting rid of the things that get in your way, the things that hold you back, and the things that don't make you happy anymore.  I know I have a lot of things that we moved that we just don't need anymore.  How do I know this?  They are still sitting downstairs in the basement in boxes and I haven't thought of them since I packed them.  So I thought I would take the month of October to start the decluttering process.  I want to spend just a few minutes a day going through things and weeding out the things I don't need.  I recommend doing thing for just 15-30 minutes a day and focusing on just one area a day.  If you can, pick at least 5 things to get rid of.  Some days you will have 5, some days you will have much more, and some days you may not have anything.  I put together a calendar to help you with this process.  You can get that calendar by clicking right here.  Below is a small glimpse of the calendar I created.
What should you do with the stuff you find when decluttering?  Throw away any trash you find, shred or burn any documents you no longer need, and make a couple of different piles.  These piles can be things you need to get back to people, things to donate, and if you choose to things to put in a yard sale or on yard sale sites.  The process of decluttering isn't always fun, but when you are done you will probably feel better.  I know I do.  Please come back and let me know how you did on your decluttering.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Review of The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from Worthy Kids/Ideals

We love good fiction books here in our house and they are even better if they are good Christian fiction books.  This is exactly what we received when we were recently given The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from Worthy Kids/Ideals to review.  This book series is recommended for children ages 6-9 for reading levels grades 1-3 or beyond.
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, Hidden Scrolls, MJ Thomas author, MJ Thomas kids books

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is a series of two books (so far) by author M.J. Thomas.  Mr. Thomas wrote these books for his son when he was searching for books that would teach about the Bible in a fun and imaginative way, but could not find any.  Book One is The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) and Book Two is The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls:Race to the Ark (Book #2).  They are available to purchase on both Amazon and the Barnes and Noble website.
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Beginning (Book #1) is where we meet Peter and Mary.  These siblings, along with their dog, Hank are visiting their Great-Uncle Solomon who is an archaeologist.  The kids are not looking forward to their visit, but soon Great-Uncle Solomon begins to share about his adventures with them.  He tells them how he found ancient scrolls at a dig site near the Dead Sea.  These scrolls are the key to proving the Bible is true, but they can only be opened by the chosen ones.  The chosen ones will be able to travel back in time to the events of the Bible.  Of course Peter and Mary are the chosen ones, but they first have to find the scrolls.  Then they are transported back in time to Creation and even though they get to see God create everything, they still have to figure out the mystery in the scrolls and solve it.  If they don't solve the mystery, they will be stuck in the past and not allowed to return to present time.
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls:Race to the Ark (Book #2) features Peter and Mary, along with Hank the dog, on another adventure from the hidden scrolls.  They have no clue what to expect when they hear the lion's roar, but Great-Uncle Solomon hands them a bag of things for their adventure.  This time they are taken back in time to the days of Noah and the flood.  As Peter and Mary start solving the secrets of the scroll they begin to help Noah prepare the Ark.  Their task is not easy because of course people want to stop them on their adventure.  This story is all about trusting God just like Noah had to do.  Will they learn that they can trust God for everything?  This is the lesson they will have to learn if they want to make it back to present time.
Little Miss really enjoyed reading these two books.  They were easy for her to read all by herself since they are recommended for grades 1-3, but I had her read them aloud to me so that I could hear the stories too.  These fun adventures kept her attention and kept her wanting to read more.  I had her read at least 2 chapters a day, but she always begged to read more.  We were able to chat about how the books were different than and the same as the actual Bible stories they discussed.  We were able to chat about how these books were just fiction and Little Miss knew that they were just for fun reading.  She told me that while it was fun to imagine that these stories could be real, she knew that the only real stories were the ones from the Bible.  She also hopes that there are more books in this series so that she can read them too.  As a parent, I am happy that she was able to read these books because they are good, clean books for her to read.  I don't have to worry that the books are filled with anything bad or anything that she shouldn't read.  She knows they are just make believe and she knows that she can turn to the Bible to find the real story.  I also liked that in the back of the book, the author tells you exactly where you can find the actual stories in the Bible.

If you want a fun book series to read, we definitely recommend The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls from Worthy Kids/Ideals.  You can learn more about the two books in this series here.  You can learn more about Worthy Kids/Ideals on their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  As always you can check out what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew thought of these books by clicking the banner below.
The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. {WorthyKids/Ideals Reviews}

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Review of Captain Bayley's Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions

Audio dramas have become a family favorite in our house, especially the ones from Heirloom Audio Productions.  Their latest audio drama is Captain Bayley's Heir and we couldn't wait to listen to it for our latest review.  Like the other audio dramas we have heard from this outstanding company, Captain Bayley's Heir captured our attention from the very second it started until the moment it ended.
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Since we have reviewed products for Heirloom Audio in the past, we know that we can always expect a quality audio drama that not only captures our attention and but it also keeps us on the edge of our seats.  We have come to really appreciate this company because their priority is bringing real history to life for their listeners and they strive to tell the stories of true Christian heroes while teaching strong moral values.  Their audio dramas are based on the popular book series The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty.  His books are filled with themes of bravery, loyalty, family, and happy endings while featuring moral values like loyalty, courage, honesty, and perseverance.  Since Henty’s books are filled with such great themes and morals, you can see why Heirloom Audio would base their audio dramas on this series.  They make it easy to complete their mission which is “to engage the listener’s imagination by taking them back in time and immersing them in a great Christian story “  because their audio dramas are so captivating.
Captain Bayley's Heir is the story of Frank, Captain Bayley, Harry, and the adventure of going west during the gold rush in America.  At the beginning of the story we see that Frank an 18 year old young man is willing to risk his life to save others, but at the same time he has a sense of adventure that sometimes gets him in trouble.  He saves Harry's dog from drowning in icy water and becomes good friends with young Harry.  He learns that Harry was adopted by a couple when they found Harry's mother dying in the street only Harry doesn't know any of this.  Frank finds this fact very interesting as his uncle Captain Bayley has always been in search of his long lost daughter who ran away with her husband that the Captain didn't approve of.  Before Frank can think much more about this situation, he gets falsely accused of a crime and decides to flee to America from England.  It is while in America that he meets new friends and decides to travel west with them in search of gold.  This story is action packed with gun fights, Indians, storms, and family reunions.  It is also the story of forgiveness and grace.  I could go on and on about it, but I don't want to give away any endings.
There are several options for purchasing this audio drama which contains over 2 hours of entertainment and education.  You can purchase it as a physical 2 CD set, which we received for just $29.97 plus shipping and handling.  You can also purchase it as a MP3 download for just $19.97.  You can also get access to many bonuses, extras, and a study guide for this audio drama (and others) by joining their Live The Adventure Club.  This is a new way to access all of their bonus material they offer and right now they are offering a 3 month trial of it, plus their latest adventure for just $1.  After the trial period you would pay just $24.75 every three months.  The Live The Adventure Club is packed full of extras for listeners, teachers, and families.  Heirloom Audio productions generously gave us access to this club so that we could access all the bonus material for Captain Bayley's Heir.  It was through this access that I was able to download the study guide and the script for this audio adventure.  I love having access to the study guide so that I can discuss the parts of the drama with my kids.  I usually use it as a reference to make sure they know what is happening in the drama since it has detailed questions you can ask for each chapter of the audio drama.  The study guide also has vocabulary words, deeper questions for further thinking and research, and "Expand Your Learning" sections that give history details related to the story or recipes that coordinate with the story.  There is also a section for Bible study in the study guide.  I love the extra tidbits of information and history that are given in the "Expand Your Learning" sections like the important names of the gold rush, the explanation of Victorian Money, and what life was really like in the gold fields.  I plan to use these little extras for deeper study of the American West later this school year when Little Miss studies the gold rush more.
We first started listening to this audio drama in the car on the way to piano lessons and gymnastics, but we quickly found out that we didn't like starting and stopping this CD because there was too much action.  We brought the CDs inside and sat down to finish listening.  Then I asked both kids questions from the study guide to check for understanding.  They knew the answers immediately.  Both kids have declared Captain Bayley's Heir their favorite Heirloom Audio drama so far.  They loved the story from the beginning to the end.  I will use it again a little later this year for Little Miss as she will be studying the Gold Rush for history.  My hubby was bummed that he didn't get to listen to this with us, but he said that he can't wait for his next long trip so that he can listen to it.

Our whole family definitely recommends listening to Captain Bayley's Heir from Heirloom Audio Productions.  You can find out more about Captain Bayley's Heir here.  You can learn more about Heirloom Audio Productions on their websiteFacebookTwitterGoogle+, and Instagram.  Please be sure to check out all that Heirloom Audio Productions has to offer.  I know we will be checking them out to see what other series we can use this year for school.  My friends on the Homeschool Review Crew have also been reviewing this audio drama, so make sure you read their reviews by clicking the banner below.
Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

Friday, September 22, 2017

Why School Takes Us So Long

We have been back in school for a few weeks now.  For the most part it is going very well.  I wish I could say that my kids are completely focused and every day is perfect, but the truth is...there are definitely distractions.  We aren't in a great routine yet as we have had to juggle adding in outside classes and had a couple appointments to add in.  We are getting there and I know we will get settled soon.  In the meantime, I thought I would share why school takes us so long....
A Glimpse of Normal Blog

A Glimpse of Normal Blog

A Glimpse of Normal Blog
I hope these pictures made you laugh as hard as they make us laugh.  😀😁😂

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Review of Let's Go Geography

My son loves all things geography and it is his favorite subject.  Little Miss is just getting started in the world of geography and it is a little bit of a struggle for her to keep it all straight.  This is why I was excited to get the chance to review a weekly homeschool geography curriculum from Let's Go Geography with Little Miss.  I was hoping that it would help her learn geography so that it stuck in her mind.
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Let's Go Geography is a company and curriculum that was created by Carol Henderson.  She understands homeschooling because she successfully homeschooled 5 kids who are now grown.  She knows how to teach geography to students because she currently teaches geography to elementary students.  Let's Go Geography is for students in Kindergarten through 4th grade.  It is designed to be used for 3 years.  Each year your student will learn about countries around the world.  If you completed all three years with your student they would learn about all of the countries on all seven continents, but you can complete just one year and have your student learn about 26 countries from around the world and 2 regions in the United States.  There are multiple plans available to purchase this curriculum and if you wanted to get an entire year's access like we received it would cost just $21.99.

This curriculum is very easy to follow and very easy to use.  Each week you are sent a reminder of what week you are on and the link to that week.  Once you login to your account you can download the week's materials.  You could print everything off or work like we did and only print the necessary materials from each week.  Each week begins with some facts to learn about the country of the week. Then there is a map it activity.  This has the student locate the country or region on a map and color it.  This is followed by questions about the map they are working on and some detailed items to add to the map like lakes and rivers.   Then there are a few more detailed map questions each week.  The next part of each lesson is learning about the flag from the country.  Then students learn about the music and the national anthem of each country.  The next thing they do is explore the country through photos and YouTube videos.  Then they create a craft.  There are instructions to make an easier version of the craft for younger students too.  The last part of each week's lesson is all the printable materials you need.  These printables include notebooking pages, a coloring sheet for the country, and any patterns you might need for the crafts.  These extra pages and all the finished work are designed to fit into a three ring binder that becomes your student's travel journal so they can record where they have been around the world.
 Little Miss has been learning a lot of geography with this curriculum.  She has worked through the first five weeks of year one and is looking forward to working through the rest of the weeks.  So far she has learned about the US Northeast and Hawaii, Canada, Haiti, and Nicaragua.  She has not only learned where these places are on the maps, but she has also learned facts about each of these places.  Just the other day she was telling a friend of mine all about the lighthouses in Maine that she learned about the first week of this program.  The maps challenge her, but she likes learning about them and now that she has completed five weeks she is getting better at completing them.  She likes watching the videos to explore the country and see places around the world.  She also loves the crafts she gets to do for the countries.  Her favorite so far was the maple leaf painting for Canada.  Little Miss also loves the coloring pages for each country (art is her favorite subject).  She has also had a lot of fun creating her Kid's Passport which Let's Go Geography was very generous to give us as well.  She loves adding a country flag to her passport each week when she completes the work for the country.
Little Miss will complete the rest of this curriculum this year for school.  I think it is very thorough and the fact that it is a mix of hands-on activities and "book work" type of learning makes it the  perfect tool for her to learn from it.  I am looking forward to having Little Miss complete a review lesson (the first one is in week 12).  This review lesson is very thorough and asks the students to use all they have studied to do things like fill in a map with all the countries they learned about so far. match the country flags to the right country, and explore the countries even more.  These review lessons teach your students more about things like compasses, latitude and longitude, and hemispheres.  They are jam packed full of review and things that will add to your student's geography knowledge.  Little Miss has done well on the lessons she has completed so far and the fact that she is remembering what she is learning about tells me that this curriculum really works for her. I also like that this curriculum has resources in it for further learning about each country.  It lists out library books that you can use to study more about each country and it even lists the call numbers for the books so you can teach your students about that too.

We really like this curriculum and I will definitely consider buying the other two years for Little Miss to complete.  You can learn more about Let's Go Geography, the company and their curriculum, on their website, Facebook, and Pinterest.  You can read more about what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew thought about this curriculum by clicking the banner below.
Let’s Go Geography {Reviews}

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Review of Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich from Barbour Publishing

Finding good, clean fiction books for children to read can be harder than you think.  This is why I was excited when we recently got the chance to review Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich from Barbour Publishing.  Barbour Publishing is a Christian publishing company that has been around since the early 1980's and they release more than 150 Christian titles every year.
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Imagine...The Great Flood is a Christian fiction book for children ages 8-12.  It has 110 pages.  This is the first book in a new series from Matt Koceich.  He is an author, teacher, and missionary.  His goal in this Imagine series is to bring the events of the Bible to life for kids as they wonder what it might have been like to live thorough the events of the Bible.
Barbour Publishing
In Imagine...The Great Flood, we meet Corey.  He is a ten year old boy who has just found out that his world will change drastically.  His family will be moving from Texas to Florida for his dad's new job  Corey is not very excited to be leaving everything he knows for a new city, a new school, new friends, a new house, and a new state.  Corey's mom tries to reassure him by reminding him that while everything around him changes, God doesn't change.  As Corey thinks about this, his dog Molly takes off into the woods and that is where the real adventure begins.
Corey chases after Molly, but trips and falls in the process.  When he collects himself after the fall, he quickly realizes this is not the same woods he was just in.  Corey soon meets Shem who is collecting animals for his father's ark.  Corey realizes that this is Noah's ark and he begins helping Shem.  It is in helping collect animals that Corey learns the dangers that Noah and his sons faced while they were preparing for the flood.  Corey comes face to face with the giant Nephilims, who are not friendly and not happy.  This is also where Corey really has to rely on God for help.  He realizes that his worry about moving to Florida was pretty small compared to the worry and fear Noah and his sons faced while preparing the ark for the flood.  You will have to read the book to find out all the details of what happened to Corey when he helped Shem and if Corey ever got back to his family in time to move with them.

Little Miss, who is in 4th grade, read this book aloud to me for school in one week.  I broke the book down so that she read about 3 chapters a day.  She needed help to pronounce a few of the words in the book, but other than that she was able to read it without any problems.  She had a hard time putting it down once she got a couple of chapters in because she felt like there was no good place to stop.  This book did a great job of holding her attention.  It also gave us the chance to discuss the difference between fiction and non-fiction, what the Bible says about the story of Noah's ark, and how we can use our imagination to honor God.  I like that we could think about this fun adventure story, but go back and read the real Bible story for it too.  The only complaint Little Miss had about this book was that it should have featured a girl character too.
We enjoyed reading Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich and we definitely recommend it for a quick, fun book to read. We can't wait for the next book in the Imagine Series to come out so we can read it too.  You can learn more Barbour Publishing and all they have to offer on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  You can learn more Imagine...The Great Flood by Matt Koceich here.  You can also read what other families from the Homeschool Review Crew thought of this book by clicking the banner below.
Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich {Barbour Publishing}

Friday, September 15, 2017

DIY Wood Chair Makeover

About a month ago I was out running errands with the kids.  On our way home we found a couple of garage sales and decided to stop.  My theory is that it never hurts to look, right?  Sometimes we find a great deal and sometimes we just walk away.  On this particular day I happened across a solid wood chair.  It looks like at one time it matched a dining room set, but it was sitting all alone and marked just $2.  I couldn't pass it up.  It was the perfect piece for a little makeover.  I figured a little sanding and painting would refresh this chair.  Since I had no attachment to the chair, there were no matches to the chair, and I got it so cheap, I didn't have any issues giving it a makeover.  I cleaned it up and sanded off some of the varnish and smoothness since I wanted to the chair to have a rustic feel.  Then I gave it a nice coat of primer and finally I painted it using this new Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in Calypso Blue.  Once it was dry I sanded a few areas to make it more rustic.  Then I coated it with Rustoleum Chalked Protective Top Coat in Matte Clear to help seal it and it was finished.  When I bought it, I thought I might use it for a computer chair, but after I made it over my hubby suggested putting it in our bedroom since it would be a great accent piece in there.
A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,

A Glimpse of Normal Blog, Chair Makeover, DIY, Rustoleum Chalked Paint, makeover,
What do you think?  Have you ever made over any furniture?  I would love to hear about it.  I would definitely recommend the Rustoleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint and Rustoleum Chalked Protective Top Coat.  They were easy to use, it dries nicely, and it comes in many colors.

*This is not a sponsored post.  I was not given any products to use or asked to use any specific products.  I just chose to share with products I did use in case you would like to look for them for your projects.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Review of Carole P. Roman Books

We are a huge fan of books here in our house, especially if they are educational.  So it shouldn't be a surprise that we would jump at the chance to review books.  We were super excited to receive If You Were Me and Lived in...Colonial America and Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag by Carole P. Roman to review.  She was also very generous and sent us copies of I Want to Do Yoga Too and Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? to read as well.
Books by Carole P Roman, Cultural books, history books, children's history, children's education
We got our first chance to know Carole P. Roman books last year in this review.  We fell in love with her books because they are interesting and educational.  They are written so that kids can understand them, but they are also full of information that everyone can learn.  Even though it can be difficult to find quality books about different time periods that multiple ages of children can read and understand, you don't have to worry about that with these books.
Books by Carole P Roman
The If You Were Me and Lived in…Colonial America is part of Carole's Historical series.  It is a non-fiction series that encourages readers to explore what life might have been like if you lived in a different time period in countries around the world.  This series is written from the point of view of a young student so that readers can feel like they are part of the country they are reading about.  So far this series includes 10 different titles which allows readers to visit Greece, Italy, England, Colonial America, China, The Middle Ages, Europe, the Mali Empire, Viking, Europe, and the American West.  The book we received had around 60 pages.  The books tell where the country or area of the world can be found.  Then the books tell facts about what life may have included for you if you lived during the time period.  It tells facts like what kind of housing you might have lived in, what kind of government existed, the kinds of food you would have ate, where you would have went to school and what you would have learned there, and much more.  Each book also had a glossary that defined terms used throughout the book and gave the proper pronunciation of the glossary terms.  The books also listed and discussed important people from the time period it represented.  At the end of each book the author lists her blog so you can go to it and find resources to use with some of the books.  The resources on the blog are worksheets, coloring pages, topics for essays, and critical thinking questions.
Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag is part of Carole's Early Chapter Reader Books - Oh Susannah Series.  This series features Susannah Logan, a third grade girl.  This series currently only has 2 books, but I am sure more are coming.  In Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag, Susannah has lots of problems and feels like she has no solutions to any of them.  It starts with unfinished homework that she just shoves down in her backpack.  Then there is the sleepover invitation that gets shoved in the backpack.  A library book, a banana, and more get shoved down in the backpack, but soon the backpack can't hold it all and Susannah can't hide it.  Her parents help her deal with her problems once Susannah finally feels like she can tell them what is going on.
I gave Little Miss, my 4th grader, If You Were Me and Lived in...Colonial America to read.  For her history this year, she will be learning what early life in America was like.  She did read this book out loud to me over a couple of mornings.  I asked her questions about what she was reading to check her understanding and she was always able to answer pretty quickly.  Little Miss enjoyed reading this book about Colonial America and thought that life would have been harder back then without all of our modern appliances.  She decided that she would not like to wear what they wore because that would not leave her room to put her touches on her fashion.  We will use this book again later on in the year as a reference for life in the early colonies.
Little Miss also read Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag  out loud.  She really liked this story.  She said there has been times when she felt like Susannah and it was a great opportunity for us to discuss what to do when you feel overwhelmed.  Little Miss was a little shocked when I told her that there are many times I feel like Susannah too.  This book not only helped Little Miss, but it was a great reminder for me that not only do I need to make sure I keep things under control so I don't get overwhelmed, but I also need to check with Little Miss regularly so that she isn't shoving things down and getting overwhelmed.  This story was very touching for us.
I Want to Do Yoga Too and Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? are a part of Carole's Bedtime Stories Series.  There are four books in this series.  These are easy story books with lots of pictures and simple stories.  I Want to Do Yoga Too is all about little Hallie who wants to go to yoga with her mommy.  She wants to do everything just like mommy does.  Hallie doesn't even realize that she is doing yoga when Robin, the child care worker, shows her how to be a tree, butterfly, airplane, and cobra.  She is excited that she can be like her mommy.  Can a Princess Be a Firefighter? is a sweet little story about wanting to be a princess, but do other things too.  The little girl asks her mom if she can be a princess and a firefighter which starts a conversation.  The mom explains that there are tons of careers the little girl can have and she can have more than one.  In the end the mom reminds the little girl that no matter what career she chooses, she will always be a princess to her mom.  Little Miss loved both of these books too.  They were just fun to read.  She read them and then she had Daddy read them to her before bed too.  

We highly recommend the books we received from Carole P. Roman.  She is a favorite author in this house and we look forward to reading many more of her books.  You can find out more about this author and all her books on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Good Reads.  Check out all the books she has to offer.  You can also read the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew by clicking the banner below to learn about her other books because we all got to review different books.
Oh Susannah, Bedtime Stories, Captain No Beard, If you were Me ... {Carole P. Roman Reviews}

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Review of Charlotte's Web E-Guide from Progeny Press

Charlotte's Web is my favorite children's fiction book.  I loved reading this book as a child and I love reading it with my kids.  I have not read it with my daughter yet, but it was on my list of books to tackle this year.  So when we got the opportunity to review the Charlotte's Web E-Guide from Progeny Press, I knew it was time to read my favorite book with Little Miss.
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Progeny Press is a company that started out when Michael and Rebecca Gilleland were homeschooling their own children and saw a need for quality study guides with a Christian perspective for Classical Literature.  They started out by writing 18 study guides and today they offer well over 100 study guides in several different formats.  The study guides that they write are designed to teach children to analyze what they read while checking their comprehension. Progeny Press has  study guides for lower elementary right up through high school which is why they have become one of our favorite resources for enhancing our language arts.
Since we have reviewed a Progeny Press study guide before, we kind of knew what to expect from them.  When I received the download of our Charlotte's Web E-Guide which is designed for grades 4-6, I downloaded it and got the book from the library.  While I scrolled through the 55 page study guide, I had Little Miss start reading the book aloud to me.  The study guide begins with a "Note to Instructor" that clearly explained how to use the study guide, what additional resources may be needed, and it gave a suggested schedule for reading.  They suggested reading a large portion of the book before beginning work on the questions.  The guide included an about the author page, an about the illustrator page, a synopsis, and ideas for pre-reading activities.  Then the guide had all the study questions, vocabulary, and deep thinking questions.  It did a good job of breaking the book into manageable sections of 3-4 chapters of reading.  Then after you read the chapters you did the study guide work.  There were vocabulary questions for each section of the book, questions that checked comprehension, questions for thinking about the story, and digging deeper questions for each section.. Some sections of the study guide had Bible references and asked the student to look up a passage in the Bible and then relate it to the story.  The study guide also included post-reading activity suggestions and a list of additional resources.  This E-Guide is available for just $17.99.
After Little Miss had read a couple of chapters of Charlotte's Web, I had her complete the corresponding questions in the study guide.  Since she is a little older now, I let her work on this guide by opening it with Adobe Acrobat which makes it interactive.  She could just type her answers right on the computer and I didn't have to print all of the pages of the study guide.  She really enjoyed working on the study guide this way because she could easily find her place and scroll to answer the questions for the chapters she read.  When she would finish her work for that day, I would save the study guide.  It was also easier for me to grade because I could open two windows side by side and see both her work in the study guide and the answer key.  This was really good guide for her to work on because she knew she was going to have to think in detail about what she was reading.  She knew she couldn't just give quick answers for all of the questions because some of them asked for more detail and her opinion.  She said this study guide was harder than the last one she worked on, but she liked it better because it did challenge her to think more about the story and think about what the characters were feeling and why.  I really appreciated this study guide because it asked multiple levels of questions.  Some were just surface questions that checked to see if she read and other questions were in-depth so that she truly had to think and reason to answer them.  I also liked the interactive aspect of this study guide because it made it so that Little Miss didn't lose pages of the guide and we could easily find where she left off with the work.  I felt like this was a very thorough and well written study guide.  Little Miss is over halfway through the study guide and on Chapter 14 of the book.  She will be finishing up both in the next week or so.
This is a screenshot of how I graded the study guide side by side.
I will definitely be checking out Progeny Press for other study guides at other levels especially since I have both an upper elementary student and a high school student in our school.  You can find Progeny Press at their website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.  You can find Charlotte's Web E-guide we received here.  Please make sure to go and check out all that Progeny Press has to offer since they do offer so many guides for so many levels.  There are many, many titles to choose from with Progeny Press.  Please check out the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew by clicking on the banner below.  The Crew is reviewing many of the E-guides that Progeny Press offers.  I know I will be checking out the reviews so I can see what books we need to add to our list for reading.  
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