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A Review of Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set from Apologia Educational Ministries

Picking out science classes for high school can tough especially when your student is not a huge science fan.  I have been looking for science curriculum that would be personally interesting to Buddy so that science would not seem like such a chore to him.  This is why I was excited to receive Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set from Apologia Educational Ministries to review recently.  Apologia Educational Ministries was also kind enough to send along their Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD, read by Marissa Leinart, to accompany this curriculum and for us to use.
Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set, Homeschool Marine Biology from Apologia
Apologia Educational Ministries is the #1 publisher of creation-based science and Bible curriculum.  They believe in homeschooling, being able to defend the Christian faith, and that every academic subject can be taught from a biblical worldview.  They publish materials and curriculum for many different academic subjects covering grades K-12.  They also offer resources for homeschooling families and even have an Online Academy that students can attend to.  Apologia has been a company we have used for years and one that we truly appreciate because of the view they offer.
The Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set we received includes the textbook, a student notebook, along with the tests and solutions manual for the textbook.  The textbook is a hard-backed book that has 557 pages.  It features 16 modules that take about 2 weeks each to complete if you follow their recommended pace.  The modules include:
  • The Oceans of Our Planet
  • Life in the Sea
  • The First Four Kingdoms
  • Marine Invertebrates I
  • Marine Invertebrates II
  • Marine Vertebrates I
  • Marine Vertebrates II
  • Marine Ecology
  • The Intertidal Zone
  • Estuary Communities
  • Coral Reefs
  • Continental Shelf Communities
  • The Epipelagic Zone
  • The Deep Ocean
  • Ocean Resources
  • Effects of Humans on the Sea
The book also has a glossary, an appendix with many helpful reference resources in it, the module summaries, and a list of lab supplies.  It also has an index for looking up subjects quickly.  In addition this book is filled with beautiful pictures, highlighted vocabulary words, and experiments for each module.  The student notebook we received has a suggested daily schedule for working through this curriculum.  It also has an area for notes from each module and personal thoughts on each module.  It includes the On Your Own Questions, Study Guide Questions, and Summary of the Module that is also in the textbook.  It also has a Lab Notebook that includes the experiments, questions, and a conclusion of each experiment from the textbook.  There is also a special section on Presenting Your Research where it helps students create a presentation project for Marine Biology.  The test and solutions manual has a blank test for each module and quarterly tests for the textbook.  It also gives the test answers along with answers to the study guide questions and the answers to the module summaries.  We also received the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD, read by Marissa Leinart to review.  This audio CD is filled with mp3 tracks of each section of reading in the textbook.  The tracks we listened to for Module 2 were matched the textbook exactly word for word.  It is great for auditory learners or those that might struggle in reading the textbook.

Like I stated at the beginning, Buddy is not a huge science fan.  So I have chosen to go a non-traditional route for his high school science.  I am currently choosing to have him study subjects that interest him which is why I wanted this Marine Biology for him.  This curriculum is recommended for students that have already finished Biology and even though he has not done this yet, I still thought this would be a good fit for him.  He has had Algebra I which is also recommended for taking this course.  He is very interested in fish, the outdoors, and the water so that is why I thought he would do better at this science.  I know there may be times when we will have to stop and back track to find out some background Biology information for him and I am okay with doing that.  So all that being said let me tell you how we used it.  We started right at the beginning of this curriculum in module one.  Since we were on summer break part of the time for this review we went at a little slower pace.  Buddy used this curriculum 3 days a week.  He would spend time reading the module and then answer any questions for it in the student notebook.  We read through and discussed the experiments, but did not actually try them since we were on summer break.  We will work on the experiments now that school has started.  Hubby loves to do the science experiments with the kids so he will work on them with Buddy.  Once Buddy read all of the reading for module one he completed the study guide and module summary.  Then he took the test for Module One and he did very well.  He completed module two in the same way and he is currently working through module three.  We used our audio CD to listen to parts of module 2.  She read the text word for word clearly and concisely.  It was okay to listen to, but Buddy is not good at focusing while being read to so he prefers to read the material himself.  The audio CD will be handy if he is not feeling well, but we still want to do school.  I appreciate having it on hand to use as I can listen to it in advance to know what he will be reading.
Buddy's answers to the "On Your Own" questions
Area for notes for the module
This is what the experiments look like in the Lab Notebook section.
Buddy likes the way this curriculum is laid out and that it gives a set schedule to follow.  I also appreciate this because it frees up my time to plan out other subjects.  He said that he is looking forward to getting into further modules because the first couple that he has went through so far are pretty basic.  He can't wait to start reading and learning about all the marine animals, but he knows he has to get through the basics first.  I am glad that this curriculum does cover the basics that he should have learned in Biology, but only touched on in his Physical Science course.  Buddy does enjoy using the Student Notebook.  He likes having a place to write notes and having the questions all in one place instead of having to flip around in the textbook.  I really like the lab notebook part of the workbook because it has everything listed out for each lab in one place.  It also guides him through the different phases of scientific experiments.  Buddy was not a huge fan of the audio CD, but it is only because he has a hard time focusing on what is being read when he is not the one reading.  I like the audio CD because I can listen to his chapters ahead of time and know what he should be reading about.  Buddy is looking forward to working through this Marine Biology course.  He is glad it will count as a full science credit for his transcript.  We definitely recommend this science curriculum from Apologia.  It honors God, teaches students, and is interesting.  You can find out more about all the products Apologia Educational Ministries has to offer on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.  You can find out more about and download a sample of the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set we received here.  You can find the audio CD we received here.  As always you can see what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew are saying about this curriculum by clicking on the banner below.
Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Review}

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