Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Our Barn Home: Progress Part 7

 Last week I shared the laundry room makeover that we did.  This week I am sharing with you more work that we did on the outside.  The difference from my last post about outside work is that this work was done over a couple of days (and we still have more to do), but it made a HUGE difference.  We have talked and talked about repainting the wood that surrounds our doors and the bottom of the barn.  So we finally started that project.  It is making an AMAZING difference.  In addition to the painting, we also knew that we needed to do something with our deck.  We thought that we would have to replace parts of it which didn't sound like a lot of fun, but we decided to start by power washing it.  We figured if we had to replace parts, it wouldn't hurt to try washing it.  Well once we started washing it, we discovered the deck wasn't bad at all.  It was just really, really dirty and grimy.  We also discovered that it had never been sealed so we needed to get that done.  Off I went to my local home improvement store to pick out deck stain.  We opted for a dark brown for the floor of the deck and white to accent the stairs and the railing.  We thought they would be a nice contrast to the red paint on the wood.  We have a couple of touch ups on the deck to do and we have to stain the inside of the roof of the deck, but then the deck will be all done.  Painting all the wood on the house, well that will be a little longer, but at least we are started.
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This is the before of the front of the house
After...the red pops again!

We picked out this tin at our home improvement store and bought the plants to plant to add some green and color to the porch.
Here is the before of the dirty, grimy deck.
This was after just power washing the deck.
After of the deck.
Here you can see where we need to finish painting the red on the wood at the bottom, but it also shows the finished deck.
Here is the new stain on the deck.

What do you think of the transformation?  I am not sure what project will be next, but stay tuned because we have plenty more to do.

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  1. Great job!!! It's becoming more homey/comfortable/cozy looking.


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