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A Review of Brinkman Adventures Season 4 from Brinkman Adventures

In today's world it is so easy to find all kinds of things families shouldn't be listening to.  It only takes a few seconds of flipping through the TV or scanning the radio to find shows, advertisements, and segments that are just flat out inappropriate.  I don't want my family's heads filled with this kind of junk which is why I was excited to receive the Brinkman Adventures Season 4 from Brinkman Adventures to review recently.
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Brinkman Adventures is a radio show that you can listen to on the radio, audio CDs, or by downloading MP3 files.  These are true, modern, missionary stories that are told through the eyes of a fictional family, the Brinkman family.  These adventures are produced by Beachglass ministries which is a non-denominational Christian organization.  The purpose of the Brinkman Adventures is to inspire, motivate, and promote the next generation of Christian world changers.

Brinkman Adventures Season 4 that we received can by purchased as audio CDs, but we were sent the audio downloads to listen to.  This season of the show features over 5 hours of high-definition audio.  Each show is full of action, missionary stories, and Christian inspiration.  In this season of the award-winning series we got to hear about the lives of Dr. Nik Ripken, Carl Ralston, Glen and Rita Chapman, and more.  Through these stories we got to travel to Cambodia, the Middle East, Russia, the Congo, and across the United States.  Each story we listened to has an overall theme that honors God.  Here are the stories included in Season 4 along with their theme:
  • A Paradise Lost - God is in Control
  • Remember Nhu - Persevering
  • Aisha's Fear - Overcoming Fear with Love
  • Heart Song - Tenacious Faith
  • The Crashed Kitchen - God Doesn't Make Mistakes
  • Crisis in the Congo - People Over Projects
  • The Mysterious Palm Feller - Confronting Evil
  • War of the Raccoons - Faithfulness in Work
  • The Five Guys - Listening to God
  • Toughest Man - Surrendering Everything
  • Cambodian Quest - Going Deeper with God
  • What Brings Us Together - Glorifying God in Every Vocation
Since we had never listened to the Brinkman Adventures before, we weren't quite sure what to expect at first especially since we were starting with Season 4. The entire family sat down to listen to the first episode.  At first we were a little confused because you are dropped right into the middle of family Bible camp with the Brinkman Family.  Since we have not heard this series before we were confused trying to figure out who was who and what exactly was happening.  Once we did - they are running a Bible Camp, a mega storm is coming, and everything seems out of control, the episode started to make sense.  The message was that even when everything falls apart, God is in Control of it all and He can take care of it.  We discussed what happened in the episode and how we can either give up when things get rough or give it all to God.  We then continued listening to the episodes over the next couple of weeks.  What we heard were great missionary stories that reminded us that it is dangerous and scary, but very rewarding to be a Christian in other countries.  These stories reminded us that there are people in the world who are desperate to know Jesus and there are other people who are willing to give up everything to stand for Jesus.  These stories gave us a chance to discuss what we would do if we were in the same situations as the people and missionaries in the stories.
This kids listening to an episode of Season 4
My kids loved the War of the Raccoons episode.  They got such a kick out of everything that went wrong with the programmed robot, RD.  Little Miss said it was a good reminder to her to finish the projects she starts because she does get sidetracked a lot just like Ian.  I loved the reminders I got from listening to Aisha's Fear and Toughest Man.  Aisha's Fear reminded me that God is with me all the time and I don't have to be afraid.  The episode Toughest Man was a good challenge for me.  I need to remember to be willing to give up everything for God because He will take care of me no matter what.  Hubby really liked the episode Crisis in the Congo.  As a director at his work, he often gets caught up trying to get projects done, checked off, and out the door.  So this episode was a reminder for him to make sure he is putting people first and not overlooking them to get work done.  We enjoyed all the episodes and will definitely listen to them again as I am sure there are little details we missed the first time.

Our family recommends that you listen to Brinkman Adventures Season 4 if you are looking for great purposeful entertainment for your family.  We really enjoyed listening to these Christian radio shows and want to check out other seasons of the Brinkman Adventures now.  If you would like to learn more about the Brinkman Adventures you can learn more on their website and on Facebook.  You can learn more about Brinkman Adventures Season 4 by clicking here.  You can also read what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew learned by listening to this series by clicking the banner below.
Brinkman Adventures Season 4

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