Monday, October 9, 2017

A Review of the Family Membership from CTCMath

Math can be a tough subject to teach and a tough subject for students to learn.  It is so tough to teach and learn in my home because both of my students learn differently.  This is why I was excited to receive Family Membership from CTCMath to review with my kids and to make it even better homeschoolers can get 60% off + 6 bonus months of this math program.
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CTCMath is very user friendly and they have had so much success because of they way they teach math.  Once you get a membership, you get access to all their levels of math, Kindergarten through Trigonometry, so you can pick the grade or area where your student needs to work.  This comprehensive tutorial program features video lessons that are clearly explained and you can pause them or rewind them at any time during the lesson.  CTCMath offers over 1400 animated and narrated math lessons, interactive questions, diagnostic tests, instant feedback to students, and regular reporting to parents.  If you prefer worksheets, you can print off a worksheet instead of the interactive questions.  This program includes separate dashboards for students and parents. In the student dashboard, you can pick your lesson to work on or see the tasks the student has to complete.  In the parent dashboard, you can assign tasks (lessons) for each student, check their progress, see what they have been working on, and set up the passing grade that they need to be able to complete each lesson.   This allows the parent to see what areas the student needs help on or where they are excelling.  CTCMath offers monthly or yearly memberships for just one student or a family plan for up to 10 students at very reasonable rates..  The yearly membership is the best value for your money and is comparable to buying a math textbook.  CTCMath does offer a free trial so that you can see what you will get before you purchase this curriculum.
Buddy's Geometry Sheets I had to print off
Each lesson started with a video tutorial of the concept being taught.  Then the instructor showed how to work several examples step by step.  After the student watched the video, they complete questions for the lesson.  They can complete the questions online or you can print off a worksheet with the questions on it.  If the questions are completed online, the program grades the work for you.  If you print off the worksheet for your student, then you can view the solutions and grade the worksheet yourself using the grading scale the program gives.  There are also short, standard, and comprehensive diagnostic tests for each level for you to use with your student. The tests are available after each topic is completed with in a grade.  CTCMath also includes 3 "game-like" areas that your student can play without realizing they are learning math.  CTCMath states that every grade from Kindergarten through 8th grade is a complete curriculum and for classes beyond 8th grade their program should be used as a supplement.
Buddy loved CTCMath the last time we reviewed it so he was super excited to get one of his favorite math programs to use again.  He has been working on Geometry lessons with CTCMath.  There are over 115 geometry lessons for him to complete.  He watches a video for each lesson and then he completes the questions for the lesson.  Some of the questions he has been able to complete right online, but other times he has to print off a worksheet since the lessons involve graphing items and drawing shapes.  So far he has completed 14 lessons and likes this geometry much better than the other curriculum he was working on.  He feels like CTCMath is easy to understand, the concepts are clear, and he knows that he has to get at least an 80% to pass the lesson.  This means he if the questions are online, he knows right away if he needs to try it again or not.  He is doing great with this curriculum and he plans to use it until he completes all the Geometry lessons they have.
This is one area of the 4th grade curriculum that Little Miss has been working in.
Little Miss has been working on some of the 4th grade math in CTCMath.  She is my hands on learner and prefers a physical workbook to an online curriculum, but she is doing a good job with the lessons she worked on for the review.  She likes the videos and feel like they explain the instructions for the lesson well.  She likes that it gives multiple examples.  She said that she doesn't mind answering her questions for the lesson online, but she feels like she thinks clearer when she has the worksheet printed out.  She likes to have scratch paper to work out problems when she is doing her math and when she does the lessons online she forgets that she has her scratch paper and feels like she has to do everything in her head.  She doesn't mind answering the questions online and most of the time she does fine, but there were a few concepts she struggled with and had to repeat the question part extra times to get her score to an 80%.  The days I printed off the questions for her she did better because she could work the problem right on the paper.  It is just how she learns.  There are over 90 lessons in the 4th grade curriculum and I plan to use this with her as a supplement to her physical math book for the rest of the year.
This is one area where Little Miss can see her grades.
I really like this program for both of my kids.  Even though it doesn't match the learning style of one of my kids, I feel like it helps her think out of the box and it uses a different style of learning for her.  She thinks she doesn't do well at this program, but she really does.  She lets it get to her if she misses one question and then she feels pressured that she has to get the rest right.  What she doesn't realize is that she does this with her physical math book too.  I also like that they can work through extra lessons or if there is a concept they are struggling to remember how to complete, they can go to other levels of math and work on it and then come back to the lesson they were working on.  I like that they can jump around in this program.  I think that overall it is a really good fit for our family and we will continue using it. 
We definitely recommend CTCMath if you are looking for access to multiple levels of math, have multiple children in your home, or you just want a really well-round curriculum for your students.  You can find out more about CTCMath on their website, Facebook Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, or YouTube.  You can find out more about the CTCMath Family Membership we received here.  You can also find out more about how my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew have been using this product by clicking the banner below.
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