Monday, November 20, 2017

My Favorite Things Giveaway

I am so excited for today's post.  It is a fun one and I get to spoil one of my lucky readers.  My Facebook Blog Page has finally hit 100 likes.  That is super exciting for me because it means this blog is getting out there and reaching people.  I am so thankful for all of my readers and you truly have no idea how much your support and comments mean to me.  I write this blog to clear my head, but I also hope to help others, inspire readers, and maybe give you a great laugh every once in awhile.  Whatever you read this blog for, I am happy you are reading it.  If this is your first time here, WELCOME!  I hope you stick around.
A Glimpse of Normal Blog, My Favorite Things Giveaway
Since I finally hit 100 likes on my Facebook Blog Page (I am actually over that now...woo hoo), I wanted to do a giveaway.  I thought about all the things I could giveaway and decided that I couldn't giveaway just one thing.   So I decided to giveaway an assortment of my favorite things.  Let me quickly show and tell you about the prizes and then tell you how you can win.  One lucky winner will win this:
This prize pack features some of my favorite products from my favorite companies, a favorite way to unwind, a favorite product from my favorite hobby, and my current favorite lip gloss.  Is that enough favorites for you?  Let me tell you about each item in detail.
I have always loved to color and it is one of my favorite ways to unwind.  I can let my brain relax and not think about the worries of the world when I color.  
I have been a fan of Thirty-One for a very long time.  I can't tell you exactly how much of it I own because my hubby does read my blog, but let's just say I own my fair share.  I love their totes and purses, but I also love their nail files.  They don't bend up in my purse and they seem to last a very long time so I am including this cute little owl nail file.
Cooking is a passion for me and I was first introduced to Tastefully Simple about 15 years ago.  I have been a fan of this company ever since.  My very favorite product from them is Nana's Apple Cake, but my family would have revolted if I would have given one of those away.  I am giving away a Malt Vinegar French Fry Seasoning.  Don't let the name of this one fool you.  It is fantastic on potatoes, but it is also great on burgers, chicken, and beef.  I experiment all the time.  That's just how I roll.
I had a hard time parting with the next gift because I absolutely love my Perfectly Posh, but I thought you should try it out too.  Perfectly Posh is all natural skin and body care items and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their products.  I have not found one of their products that I don't love.  It has transformed my skin and when I first started using it I had extremely sensitive skin, but I don't have that issue anymore.  I chose a Chunk to giveaway.  This is one of their bath soaps.  It leaves your skin clean, but refreshed with no residue.  They last a super long time and this mint is one of my favorite scents.  
The next item in the giveaway is a set of bobby pins from Lilla Rose.  Lilla Rose is all about gorgeous hair products.  I have several sets of their bobby pins.  I love them!!!  My hair stays put all day with these bobby pins.  They don't slide out of my hair, the don't stretch out, they are versatile, and did I mention they are pretty.  I wear Lilla Rose bobby pins about 3 times a week.  
I like lip gloss, but I am pretty cheap about it because I like to switch up the colors.  That is what makes this lip gloss from Wet 'n Wild perfect.   It is a pretty color, stays on a long time, and doesn't break my wallet so I feel like I can try colors without worrying about throwing money away.  
The last item in the giveaway is a handmade item from me.  I am completely enjoying crochet right now.  It is my current craft obsession.  I made this cowl last month and I thought it would be perfect for this giveaway.  It is lightweight and perfect for this time of year.

That's it!  These are my favorite things right now.  Now I bet you are wondering how you enter right?  Just follow the directions in the giveaway box below.  If you are not a fan of my Facebook Blog page, I would love for you to become a fan there.  Thank you for being a reader and supporter of this blog!  I sincerely appreciate each person that reads this little blog.
*This giveaway is provided by A Glimpse of Normal Blog.  All prizes have been purchased by Cassandra Holdeman and are being given away as a thank you for being a reader.  There is only one prize and the winner will have 48 hours to provide shipping information or a new winner will be drawn.


  1. Wait.. I have to pick ONE thing I'm most looking forward to? It's pretty rare for me to like everything in a big giveaway like this! Hmmm... I think the lip gloss. No, maybe the cowl. But, I do love yummy soaps... The whole giveaway is a win!

  2. I love giveaways - I can't resist! The soap looks amazing but I love it all :)

  3. oh wow the whole give away is great but I really think the lip gloss sounds good

  4. I love the Lilla Rose pins but everything is lovely! - Lori

  5. I think I would look forward to the cowel the most. I love homemade gifts. You entered mine, so I’ll enter yours. :)

  6. Well since you entered mine I’ll enter yours. :) I think the cowel would be cool.

  7. Definitely the cowl! I love all your crochet projects!

    I would totally follow you on FB....IF I had an account. But i don't. Congrats on your milestone thougb!

  8. Posh Chunk....only because I'm a huge Posh addict, lol. ~Crystal~

  9. I was so sorry to have missed this. I love your blog! I've been offline a lot lately. Looking forward to catching up.


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