Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Pole Barn - Part 1

One of the things that our dream house barn was missing when we moved in was a place to park and work on big projects.  Yes, we have a small corn crib on the property, but I wasn't sure I could successfully pull my vehicle in and out of this corn crib and we needed a place to store our mower and other outdoor stuff.  Our old house had a 3 stall garage that had room for all kinds of things and we knew when we moved we had to do something about that.  In fact, we even budgeted for this right from the beginning when we knew everything would go through on this barn and our old house would sell.  We got a pole barn!!!  It has been a long time coming and a lot of decisions for my hubby.  I have been involved in some of the decisions for the pole barn, but have left most of it to my hubby since this will be his work area.  We went back and forth about hubby and friends building it, but eventually due to time constraints we ultimately decided to have it built by an Amish crew.  Thankfully we had budgeted over what we needed so we had the funds to afford this.

This whole process was started last fall.  It involved working with our electric company to move some electric lines, working with an excavator to prepare the area (he will also be coming back out this spring to finish our driveway after concrete trucks have been here), and picking the right crew to do the job.  Just after New Years our pole barn was started.  It has been fun to watch the progress.  It is done now, we are just waiting on the garage doors to be put up and concrete to be poured.  Concrete may or may not get poured is a weather dependent thing and the weather doesn't cooperate where we live.  So today I am sharing part of the pictures with you and next week I will share the rest.
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Our electric company working to switch the electric for the pole barn.
They also replaced an old pole while they were here. 
Pole barn supplies being delivered.  This driver backed this big trailer down our very narrow drive.  You can see the neighbor's property in front of us.  It is believed to be the original farmhouse to our barn we live in.
Here is what the supplies looked like on the day the crew started.  It was frigid, the coldest day we have had so far this year.
This is the site where our pole barn will be placed.
End of work on day 1.

The beginning of day 2.  Excuse the picture of my window was way too to go out for pictures.
I would never be able to sit up on the beams like that.
This is at the end of day 2.  
This was on day 3.  They worked hard and fast especially since it was so frigid.  Don't worry I kept coffee on for them any time they wanted it.
Come back next week to see the rest of our pole barn pictures and how it turned out in the end.  We are super excited to have a place to park and hubby can start planning out his workshop in the pole barn.  What do you think?   #ireallyliveinabarn

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  1. looks great...I can not wait to see the finished project!!!


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