Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Pole Barn - Part 2

So the other week I shared with you that we were having a pole barn put up.  You can read all about the beginning of it here.  I know that in my original post about our pole barn I said I would be back the very next week to show you the rest, but I got delayed.  I had a very busy week last week and our garage doors did not get installed until late last Thursday.  I wanted to make sure everything that could be done was done before posting about it.

It is a project that was a long time coming and that we are really glad that we saved up for so that we could have it built.  We are still holding off on the concrete for the barn due to weather, but we aren't surprised that we need to wait for this step.  We don't want to rush getting the concrete put in and then have issues with it.  We would rather wait until the ground is the right temperature so the concrete can set right.  It is just really good to have the main part of the pole barn finished.  So here are the pictures of the progress...
A Glimpse of Normal Blog, A Pole Barn - Part 2, Progress
This was what our pole barn looked like when they started adding the siding.
A Glimpse of Normal Blog
Our finished pole barn.
A Glimpse of Normal Blog

Eventually we will be putting a small room for gatherings and the foosball table in this end of the pole barn.
A Glimpse of Normal Blog
We are so excited to have this project finished so that we will have a place out of the weather to park.  We will eventually get insulation in it and put up some drywall to finish it on the inside, but those are projects for down the road.  It has really changed our property (for the better) and we love how it turned out.

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  1. wow that looks great we can not wait to see it in person


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