Friday, January 19, 2018

"The Air I Breathe" - A Review

In today's world there are so many things that we worship - money, work, phones, entertainers, television, and so on.  All of these things in the world take us away from who we were truly created to worship.  They distract us, they confuse us, and they lead us astray.  I was recently reminded of this when I received a copy of "The Air I Breathe" by Loiue Giglio to read and review.
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"The Air I Breathe: Worship as A Way of Life" by Louie Giglio that I received has 111 pages plus a section of discussion guide questions for use in a small group.  It also includes an excerpt from another book by Louie Giglio.  This Christian book is a quick, but powerful read.   It has eleven chapters that explain why worship is so important and how we can get our worship focused back where it belongs, on God.  The chapters in this book include:
  • That Thing We Do
  • Something More
  • Why Worship Matters
  • What God Wants Most for You
  • Joining the Ranks of True Worshipers
  • For Who He Is, for What He Does
  • Worship as a Way of Life
  • Through Jesus, All the Time
  • Lips and Lives
  • A Personal Path to Worship
  • Moving Beyond Me, to Us
Each chapter discusses an area of worship that we, as Christians, should be aware of and do something about.  The concepts are simple, but in today's world where we are busy, busy, busy, this book serves as a wake up call to make worship an every day part of our lives. 

I read this book as part of my devotional time each day.  It served as both a reminder and a challenge for me.  It was a reminder that I was specifically created to worship God.  This point is brought up time and time again through out the book, not in a bad way, but as a reminder of our purpose of existence.  It reminded me that I get so busy with life sometimes, that I put God in a box I can check off of a to-do list.  This is not what He wants from me at all.  He wants a full relationship that includes intentional worship, intentional praise, and constant devotion instead of a few minutes each morning.  He wants my thoughts to be filled with Him, my actions to be ones that glorify Him, and my life one that reflects Him in every way.  
Louie Giglio gives a definition of what worship is and then goes on to show how we can live out this definition in the rest of the book.  It is a practical application of how we can honor God with our worship with our entire life, not just on Sunday mornings in a pew.  This was a great challenge for me.  I need to do more than just show up at church on Sunday expecting God to be there.  He will be there, but will my heart be ready to worship if I just rushed around getting ready for church and getting the family breakfast and the other 17 things we try and get done before rushing out the door?  The answer is no.  I need to do a better job of worshiping God throughout the week.  I need to be consistent studying His Word throughout the week, praying praise to God for his greatness instead of just praying for needs, seek time alone with God to keep my heart focused on Him throughout the week, and being honoring to God in all things.  This will keep my heart in a place of worship throughout the week so that church will be another place and way that I worship God instead of being the only way I worship God.  

I truly enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend it to other Christians.  It is a great reminder of what we should be doing, but most likely aren't.  I am taking what I learned from this book and using it as a challenge to be mindful and purposeful with my worship.

You can read more about Louie Giglio here and you can  more information on "The Air I Breathe" here.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review 

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