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A Review of Drive Thru History Adventures

When I was in school I thought history was boring and dry, but now as an adult I like learning about it.  I have always wanted my kids to like learning history in school so that is why I am always on the look out for curriculum that teaches history in unique and fun ways.  I was very excited for my kids to receive access to educational and entertaining homeschool videos from Drive Thru History Adventures to review.  These videos currently cover three different history courses and since we gained access to them, my kids have not complained about having to learn history at all.
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We were first introduced to Drive Thru History last year when we reviewed "The Gospels" and it quickly became a family favorite.  I was very curious to see what the Drive Thru History Adventures was all about and how or if it would be different from their video series.  Drive Thru History Adventures is a combination of the Drive Thru History videos with curriculum to support the videos.  It currently offers three courses for study -  Bible History, American History, and Ancient History.  Bible History is an 18 week study on the life of Jesus as covered in the Gospels.  American History is a 12 week study of early American History featuring the time period from Christopher Columbus to the Constitution.  Ancient History is a 12 week study through the empires of Rome, Greece, and Asia Minor.  These courses are designed specifically for students age 12 and up, but they can be adapted and used by younger students.  You can use this program on a desktop computer or you can download the Adventures TV app.
Drive Thru History Adventures
Each course is broken down into weekly adventures.  Each adventure features a video that teaches not only history, but also some geography, archaeology, and classic art.  Each video is presented with a Christian worldview.  There is also weekly reading that accompanies the video and helps students dig a little deeper.  To wrap up the weekly adventure, there are study questions.  These questions check the student's understanding of the material covered for the week.  Along with access to each of the three courses and the curriculum that goes along with them, Drive Thru History Adventures includes "Adventures TV" where you can get access to more curriculum, extra videos, bloopers, and weekly chats with Dave Stotts.  You can get access to all of this by purchasing a monthly subscription for $12.99 a month or an annual subscription for $124.99 per year.
Little Miss watching a video for Ancient Rome
Buddy, who is in 9th grade, worked on the American History Course.  I figured this course is a good start to his American History credit for high school.  On Mondays he would watch the video for the week which are between 30 and 45 minutes long.  After watching the video we would chat about the video content.  I wanted to make sure that he was listening and taking in the information being taught.  The following day I would have him complete the reading for the adventure he was on.  This reading was something that was connected to the video like a letter from Christopher Columbus to the King and Queen of Spain.  On Wednesday I would have him work on the questions for the adventure.  Since he is in high school, I expected his answers to more essay style and detailed.  Buddy did a good job of this.  Some weeks I had him do an extra assignment that I would create that would go along with the adventure.  In Adventure 3 the Boston Massacre is discussed.  I had Buddy do more research on this topic and write a newspaper article summarizing the events.  This was a good way to reinforce what the curriculum taught.  Buddy is really enjoying the Drive Thru History Adventures and can't wait to finish out the American History so he can work on the other two courses as well.  When I asked him what he liked about it,  he said that the videos are very entertaining and seeing Dave Stotts in the places where the events happened help him to remember what the history lessons is.  Buddy said he was glad it wasn't just a boring text book and he appreciated the humor in the videos.
Buddy's work on the questions.  He was just getting started on this one.
Little Miss is not anywhere near 12 yet, but she wanted to work through some of the videos too even though she is only in 4th grade.  So I thought I was started her in Ancient History.  It matches with some of her other school work we are doing right now.  I had her work on this program only a few days a week since she is younger.  She would watch the adventure video on one day.  Then the next day I would have her work on the questions.  I didn't expert her to give me super detailed answers since she is younger, but she was able to go into detail for some of the questions.  Sometimes Little Miss would re watch parts of the videos to find  out the answers to the questions.  This wasn't because the answers were hard to find, but more because she got distracted during the video.  I also had her read some of the suggested reading some weeks, but I didn't require her to read everything.  Little Miss enjoys the Drive Thru History Adventures as well.  When I asked her why she liked it, she said it was because it was a different way to learn history and she liked seeing the history instead of just reading about it.  She also likes it because Dave Stotts reminds her of her uncle right down to the mannerisms (I think Dave Stotts and my brother-in-law could be each other's doppelg√§nger).
I couldn't agree with this answer by Buddy more!
I really like using these new adventures (desktop version) and the Adventures TV (app version) for my kids. Even though it doesn't completely fit right now for Little Miss since she is younger, she has already asked if she can use this curriculum when she is older so she can do more with it.  I like that it captures their attention and they are both learning about history in a unique way that helps it stick for them.  They have both told several people facts about history that I know they learned from watching the videos because I have been watching along with them.  I appreciate the easy to use dashboard that is set up for you when you  create your account.  It is easy to find each course, each weekly adventure, and all the extras.  There are lots of extras in the adventure courses.  Adventures TV is set up so that you can see all the available videos in their perspective category.  Then it has the curriculum and resources at the top of the screen for easy access to every thing.  Both the desktop version and the Adventures TV version are super user-friendly which makes it easy for my kids to find exactly where they need to go for each activity in this program.
Buddy watching an American History episode.
I already mentioned the discussion questions, but they have answers to them too so that you can assess your student's answer.  They also have expert  papers, suggested readings, and articles to use.  There is an area that walks you through how everything works and how to use the community features of the adventures.  Then there are our favorite areas of the resources - Behind the Scenes, Dig Deeper, and Side Roads.  We have checked out each of these areas and have learned some pretty neat facts from them.  There are all kinds of extra history videos telling about things like Groundhogs Day and Valentine's Day to name a few.  They are really informative and fun.  We also like the Facebook Community for the Drive Thru History Adventures.  This is where I can ask questions that we have whether it be about the courses or just general questions about Drive Thru History.  This is how we found out that in the videos filmed in Dave's office the background props are real and some are from his travels.  Thanks Dave for answering us!
Drive Thru History sent us some pretty cool extras!!!
I could go on telling you great things about this new Drive Thru History Adventures program all day.  It is our favorite review product that we have received so far.  I like that our whole family learns something every time we watch one of the videos.  It captures our attention and teaches us things that we might not learn elsewhere.  I also appreciate that I can add extra assignments so my kids can do extra research on a topic.  I am also very excited that there will be more courses coming to this program in the future.  We have already decided this will be a program that we will renew our access to so that we have it.  We definitely recommend this program if you need to learn history.

You can learn all about the Drive Thru History Adventures that we received by clicking here.  You can also find them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.  They have several purchase options and they even have a 7 day free trial right now so you can see what it is all about before you buy it.  Right now they also have a couple of specials going on.  If you click here to purchase the annual membership and use the code "Gospels", you can get a free copy of the DVD set of "The Gospels" which we loved.  You can also read more about what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew thought of this program  by clicking the banner below.
Drive Thru History Adventures - Subscription {Drive Thru History Adventures Reviews}
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