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A Review of the Á La Carte Products from Home School in the Woods

We love using creative hands-on projects, unit studies, and lap books in our school.  They are a chance to break up our traditional routine and work creatively.  This is why we were excited to get a chance to review three hands-on history projects in the Á La Carte products from Home School in the Woods.
Home School in the Woods  Á La Carte products, U.S. history, world history, hands-on, timelines, maps
Home School in the Woods is a family run company that was created when the Pak family began their homeschooling journey.  Amy saw a need to make history come alive for her own children, so she dove in and started pulling together resources.  She used the resources she pulled together and others she created to start the website.  Now her whole family is involved and they each have their own unique role at Home School in the Woods.  We appreciate their quality materials, clear directions, multiple options within each product, and the wide variety of products they offer.
Home School in the Woods  Á La Carte products, U.S. history, world history, hands-on, timelines, maps
For this review we got to pick projects from the Á La Carte products that Home School in the Woods offers.  These Á La Carte products are different from the normal unit studies and lap books in that they are a specific and focused study on a subject.  These products are not typically an entire unit study, but they are still great hands-on, active learning.  These products include history file folder games for students to create, timelines, lap book and notebook projects, replicas, newspapers, and more that the students follow the instructions to make.  These projects come as a digital download.  Once you download the project, you can print off the instructions and all the project pages your family needs to complete it.   Each project has easy to follow step by step instructions on how to complete it and if it is a game, how to play the game.
Home School in the Woods  Á La Carte products, U.S. history, world history, hands-on, timelines, maps
The first product we chose was the American Beginnings Newspaper Collection.  It was originally found in the Time Travelers: New World Explorer and Time Travelers: Colonial Life unit studies.  This newspaper collection has 2 newspapers in it, "The Explorer Weekly" and "The Town Crier."  "The Explorer Weekly" is all about explorers discovering new worlds.  It features several pages with headlines so that your student has to do the research to find out what the article should be about before they write it.  There are also several spots in the newspaper for advertisements.  The last few pages of this paper are lined pages that are ready for articles that you have your student research that relate to exploration.  I printed off this newspaper for Little Miss.  I had the option of printing it on thicker cardstock or the instructions give you details of how to "age" regular paper.  I printed it on regular paper and after she finishes it we can age it some.  She chose to work on the headline pages first.  She has not done much history on the explorers yet, but she knows a little bit.  So I showed her how to look up the headline by looking up the person associated with the headline and then reading their story.  Then she had to write about what she read in her own words and in a way that was interesting and people would want to read about just like a real newspaper.  She enjoyed researching explorers like Columbus, Coronado, and the Vikings.  She had even more fun using her creativity to create the advertisements for this newspaper.  I really wanted this product for the other newspaper "The Town Crier" because it is perfect to go along with the book series she has been reading this year.  This paper has been easier for her to work on since she has been reading about colonial life in her school.  She got to research the crack in the Liberty Bell, the Pilgrims, and places like Jamestown.  She is still working on this newspaper because she is researching the topics as she reads about them for school.  The instructions show you how to put the newspapers together to make them look like a real newspaper, but we will do that when she finishes them.  She thinks it is easier to have all the pages separate until they are finished.  So after I printed them I put the instructions for each newspaper and the pages that went with each one together with a binder clip.

The second product we chose is Pirate Panoply.  It is originally found in the Time Travelers: New World Explorers study and I chose it because it is  a fun game that teaches you how and why a pirate dressed the way he did.  I thought my little fashionista would have a lot of fun with this one and it would be a game that would be a nice break from our normal history work.  After I printed the necessary pages (you need one copy of the game board and pieces per player),  Little Miss was excited to color her pirate.  While she was coloring the pirate, I got a chance to talk to her about what panoply was and how it applied to a pirate.  This information was right at the top of the instructions so that was nice to have so we could discuss it.  Little Miss then colored the pieces of clothing for the pirate.  I also let her color mine because she was having fun coloring.  Once she got everything colored for us and cut out, we found a six-sided die and we were ready to play.  Playing the game is easy.  You roll the die and then you put the right piece of clothing on the pirate.  The first one to dress their pirate wins.  The game was a fun little break from our normal school routine and now Little Miss knows why pirated wore so many clothes and why they liked such colorful clothes.  You are going to have to get this game for yourself if you want to know why pirates dress the way they do.

The third product we chose is A Trip to Town.  This file folder game is originally found in the Time Travelers: Colonial Life study.  I picked this one for Little Miss because we have been reading through the Little House on the Prairie book series and I thought this game would be a perfect compliment to the book series.  I printed it off and started looking through it before having my daughter work on it.  There were a lot of different elements to this file folder game, but not so many that they were overwhelming.  The part that took Little Miss the longest was coloring the game board because she was being very detailed with her coloring.  Once she got that done, she worked on the characters and getting the all the other cards cut out these included vocabulary, supplies, questions, and special direction cards.  Once she got every thing ready and I helped her tape the game board to the file folder, we read through the directions of how to play.  We had to draw cards which became our shopping list and we had to collect our shopping list first in order to win.  You use the questions with correct answers and a die to move across the game board.  When we first played, we were not very good at getting the vocabulary answers right, but the more we played the more we learned.  We also figured out that being lucky with the dice helped us get to the stores and get our supplies.  Little Miss especially dreaded the penalty cards where she had to lose a turn because she seemed to be the one to draw them the most.  This game is a fun way to learn about early colonial life.  It has been challenging to learn the vocabulary.  I also like the extra sheets for vocabulary that we want to add so that we can add terms specific to the book series we are reading.
Overall we have been having a lot of fun with these educational Á La Carte products from Home School in the Woods and we definitely recommend them.  They are a nice little break from out regular school work, but we have learned a lot by completing them.  Little Miss said the games were her favorite because they didn't feel like work since you got to play a game when you were finished with them.  The newspaper collection was my favorite product for her because we got to learn how to research, work on writing skills, and she could be creative with the advertisements.  I definitely want to try out other Á La Carte products.  The Trip West in a Covered Wagon Lap Book/Notebook Project and the Westward, Ho! File Folder Game would tie in perfectly to our Little House books we are reading.  You can learn more about Home School in the Woods on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.  You can learn about the Á La Carte products we received and all the others they offer here.  I hope you also take a moment to click the banner below and read the reviews from my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew since we tried so many of these products.
À La Carte Projects - Individual projects designed to enhance your studies! {Home School in the Woods Reviews}

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