Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Review of the Mega Pack of Super Beads from Zirrly

Little Miss loves crafts and I absolutely love that she does.  What I don't love are messy crafts that take as long to clean up as they do to make.  Those kind of crafts are not fun for me because I know that there will be a mess every where.  This is why I was very excited to find out what the Mega Pack of Super Beads from Zirrly was all about when we recently got a chance to do a review for them.
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Zirrly has been in business since 1956.  They strive to make creative crafts kits that help children with their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and imagination.  They offer many, many products for children of all ages which is fitting for their motto, " Design Your World."
Super Beads are fun little fusion beads like the kind you have to iron together with one exception....NO more hot iron.  This is a product that for children ages 5 and up that they can work on fairly independently because you use WATER to fuse the beads together.  They are still a small bead so you want to make sure that very small children and pets don't get a hold of them, but they are non-toxic.  These beads come in several fun colors and after you fuse your design together with water, it is flexible and it won't crack.
The Mega Pack that we received contained over 4500 beads, 20 assorted design templates, 2 spray  bottles, 4 design boards, 1 design tool, and instructions on how to complete the projects.  The design templates included 5 of each of the following designs: cupcake, apple, elephant, and turtle.  The design boards are specifically designed to fit over the templates so your child can place the template underneath the board and it stays put so they can place the correct bead in place.  The templates are fun and colorful, but your child could easily use whatever color bead they wanted for the pattern.  This kit also leaves lots of room for your child's creativity because they could create their own design without a template or they could create a small graph template on their own to make.  After your child creates a design, they spray it with water (not too much) and then let it sit for 60 minutes.  Once the surface of their creation is dry to the touch, they can carefully peal it off the design board.  If it happens to break when take it off the board, you put it back on the board and spray it again, wait for it to dry, and take it up again.  The design tool helps a lot getting it off the board carefully as well as helping getting the bead far enough down on the board.

Little Miss, who is 9, was pretty excited to receive the Mega Pack of Super Beads to review.  She has a bunch of the beads that you have to iron to fuse, but she gets so frustrated with them because by the time she gets them all on the board the way she wants them and tries to get them some place we can iron them, the board gets bumped and all of her hard work falls apart.  So she was pretty excited when I told her that she could put the Super Beads together and get them to stay by using water.  Once we opened her kit, I had her pour the beads in a container that we could put a lid on when she was done so that all the beads were in one spot.  Then I gave her a smaller container so she could put a small amount of beads in it to make it easier to pick the right beads while she was creating her designs.  She quickly caught on that each bead has a right end and wrong end to press on to the designing board.  She also was excited that her beads stuck on pegs on the designing board and she had to use the design tool to get it off if it was the wrong bead.  She was excited about this because it meant her beads weren't going to fall off the board if she moved it or bumped it.  That was a huge plus for her.  After she finished her design, we moved it to the kitchen counter and I let her spray it with water (I just made sure she didn't get too much and I helped her get excess water off the board like the instructions say).  The hardest part of this project for her was the 60 minute wait.  Then she pealed her design off the board and it was ready to go.  She is using many of the items in her play kitchen.  There was one of the designs that came apart when she tried to take it off the board, so we just followed the instructions and put it back on the board and re-sprayed it.  So easy!

We definitely recommend the Mega Pack of Super Beads from Zirrly.  They were fun, creative, and no mess which makes this Mama happy.  There were only two downsides to the beads.  One was if the dog happens to lick your hand while you are creating, it makes the bead unusable because it gets wet before it is supposed.  I reminded Little Miss that the instructions said dry hands are important.  The second downside is that they are hard to use with bigger hands.  Buddy, my 14 year old boy, came over to see what his sister was doing and I asked him to see if he could place a bead or two to just try them out and he struggled because he is very tall and already has "man hands" so they didn't work too well for him.  Little Miss has already been eye balling the Super Beads Jewelry Set and thinking it might be a good activity for her birthday party later this fall.  We will definitely turn to Zirrly again for our crafting needs.  You can learn more about Zirrly on their website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.  You can learn more about the Mega Pack of Super Beads we received here.   You can read the reviews of my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew by clicking on the banner below and you definitely want to do that because we got to review many different packs and they all look pretty cool.
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  1. You guys did a fantastic job reviewing and presenting our Super Beads. We’re super impressed. Thanks so much!!!

    1. Thank you so much for a fun product to review and work with. Thank you for taking the time to read our review, it means a lot to me.


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